The Best Hotels in Soho

Where to stay in trendy Soho

Are you looking for a nice hotel in Soho for your next visit to New York? But which one is the most beautiful hotel to stay in? My advice: check out our list of the best hotels in Soho! Over the years, we have tried and tested countless hotels in New York City. So just check out our list to see where you should stay in Soho. I am sure you’ll find what you’re looking for! 

These are the best hotels in Soho

In our best list you can quickly and easily compare the most beautiful hotels in Soho, New York. You can also see at a glance if it’s a boutique hotel or design hotel – if you want to see more information and current prices, just click on the button “to the website”. Further down, you will find the most beautiful accommodations in Soho on a map.

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    Arlo Soho

    Hotels & Accommodations in Hudson Square
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    4 Stars | The Arlo is a really cool hotel in right on the border of Soho, Hudson Square and Tribeca: it’s in a great area, the interior is stylish and the bar is amazing. What’s not to like? 

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    Crosby Street Hotel

    Hotels & Accommodations in SoHo
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    5 stars | In my opinion, the design hotel “Crosby Street Hotel” is one of the most beautiful hotels in all of New York. Like “The Mercer”, it is located in trendy and exclusive SoHo in the direct vicinity of the Museum of Modern Art Design (MOMA). The area is perfect for going out, shopping and eating!

    The 86 rooms and suites are super-stylish. The rooms are large, high, open and bright. The interior – for which Kit Kemp is responsible – offers a wonderful contrast to the loft-like windows, which are huge and reach down to the floor. Everything looks modern, but not without warmth. An absolute design highlight! The Crosby Bar & Terrace offers high standard food at any time of day – the cocktails in particular have a very good reputation.

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    Hotel Hugo

    Hotels & Accommodations in Hudson Square
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    4 Stars | The Hotel Hugo in SoHo was designed by architect Marcello Pozzi and is a successful blend of industrial design and art. The perfect location in the trendy SoHo district is just as brilliant as the excellent service and the wonderful rooms.

    The rooftop lounge on the top floor is a real highlight! The rooms are loft-style and if you’re hungry, the Italian restaurant at Hotel Hugo should be your first choice!

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    ModernHaus SoHo

    Hotels & Accommodations in SoHo
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    5 stars | The ModernHaus (formerly known as the James Hotel) is located in SoHo and only a few blocks from another popular hotel, The Dominick. Being located in SoHo, you’ll have access to some of the best stores in the world. The ModernHaus has a nice rooftop pool with amazing views.

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    NoMo SoHo

    Hotels & Accommodations in SoHo
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    4 stars | NoMo SoHo is a hotel that, as the tallest free-standing building in its area, offers great views of Manhattan from every possible angle. 

    Another really unique aspect of this hotel is that it really pulls from its surroundings to give you a one-of-a-kind experience! Located in Crosby Street, NoMo SoHo really leans into the creativity that is present all around. Everything at this hotel is artful, and a delightful mixture of old and new styles.

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    SIXTY SoHo

    Hotels & Accommodations in SoHo
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    5 Stars | The SIXTY SoHo is not just one of the many 5-star hotels on this list – it’s a real gem. The SIXTY also has to be among the most stylish hotels in the city, for sure. There is a real feel-good atmosphere all around. It almost feels like a stylish, luxurious loft at times and from many of the rooms you have a great view of the city. A luxury hotel with a twist! 

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    The Broome Hotel

    Hotels & Accommodations in SoHo
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    4 Stars | The Broome is a boutique hotel in Soho New York: It’s small, nice, exclusive and beautifully furnished. That’s the best way to describe it. By the way, the building was built as early as 1825! – and it radiates that. A very charming place. 

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    The Dominick Hotel

    Hotels & Accommodations in Hudson Square
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    5 Stars | The Dominick Hotel prides itself being the only 5-star-hotel in all of Soho and Hudson Square! It also happens to be the tallest building in Soho, so you have a great view over the city. We stayed here for a few days at the end of my road trip by camper through the entire USA. The pool is not big, but in summer it was our favorite place!

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    The Mercer Hotel

    Hotels & Accommodations in SoHo
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    5 Stars | The Mercer Hotel is probably the most famous hotel among celebrities. You’ll most likely see a group of paparazzi waiting outside the entrance waiting to snap a picture of a famous actor or singer. It’s also a great place to stay because it’s located right in the heart of SoHo.

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Hotels close to Soho

Soho is home to one of my favorite hotels ever: The Dominick. It offers one of the best views over the city.

If you don’t want to stay in Soho specifically, the adjacent neighborhoods also offer great choice. And it tends to be a bit less expensive there too. South of Soho is Tribeca, to the north is Greenwich Village and to the east is Little Italy and Nolita. I have the perfect hotels for you right here:

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