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Where you should stay in Astoria

You are looking for a nice hotel in Astoria for your next New York vacation? But what is the most beautiful hotel to stay in? My advice: check out our best of list! We have tested many hotels in New York over the years and have put together the best hotels in Astoria for you.

These are the best hotels in Astoria

In our best list you can quickly and easily compare the most beautiful hotels in Astoria, New York, you can also see at a glance if it is a boutique hotel or design hotel – if you want to see more information and current prices, just click on the button “to the website”. Further down, you will find the most beautiful accommodations in Astoria on a map.

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    Boro Hotel

    Hotels & Accommodations in Astoria
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    4 Stars | This modern hotel has spacious rooms with large windows, wooden floors and chic bathrooms. From some rooms you can enjoy a spectacular view over Long Island City or the Manhattan skyline. The 39 Avenue underground station is close by. Manhattan is roughly 7 kilometers away.

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    La Quinta Inn Queens

    Hotels & Accommodations in Astoria
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    2.5 Stars | An inexpensive hotel with a good location – not far from Williamsburg and Manhattan. The price includes breakfast, and you can use the fitness centre.

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    Ravel Hotel  

    Hotels & Accommodations in Astoria
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    4 Stars | Ravel Hotel comes with great views, but they have all the amenities you’d expect, including The Penthouse. Which is their enclosed, heated, rooftop restaurant that takes advantage of the great views the hotel has to offer.

    They also offer a variety of different rooms, some of which include views of the Manhattan skyline. But all of which contain beautiful decorations and comfortable furniture, as well as fully equipped bathrooms complete with a separate bathtub and shower.

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    The Collective Paper Factory

    Hotels & Accommodations in Astoria
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    4 Stars | The name gives it away: This beautiful boutique hotel in Queens used to be a paper mill. Today, the hotel is one of the hippest in the area. All modern rooms are equipped with a small kitchen and a flat-screen TV. You can end the evening with a delicious cocktail at the hotel’s own bar.

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Things to do in Astoria

Astoria is located on the northwestern part of Queens right next to the East River with a population of around 250,000 people. It is one of the most populous areas in the borough and has been evolving in recent years. Naturally, with a changing community, new shops and restaurants emerge. The neighborhood is going through gentrification and is popular among young people from all over the world. Astoria is a colorful mix of nationalities and has a growing selection of hip restaurants and bars. It’s a small neighborhood with a lot of character and there is a lot of things to do in Astoria.

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