The Honorable William Wall

The best kept secret and my favorite spot in Lower Manhattan

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The Honorable William Wall, you can simply call it “Willy Wall,” is Manhattan Yacht Club’s floating clubhouse. North of Ellis Island this clubhouse is anchored in New York Harbor from May through October with a spectacular view of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. 

The Honorable William Wall and why you should go

Honorable William Wall mit Blick auf Ellis Islands

What could be better than sipping on a glass of rose on a literal floating bar while overlooking the NYC skyline and Lady Liberty? The clubhouse in the New York Harbor not only serves as the best spectator platform for their members and guests during sailing races but it is also an event space for member parties and corporate events.

You can bring your own food, which is recommended since they don’t sell any food on the barge. There is a champagne bar on the lower level but only it’s a Members-only space. The launch fee to ride out to the Honorable William Wall is $20 per person.  Manhattan Yacht Club Members receive 50% off drinks onboard. You can buy tickets on the Willy Wall Website.

From Manhattan and New Jersey to Willy Wall

To get to Willy Wall you’ll have to take a ferry from Brookfield Place (towards Warren Street) to Jersey City and then another ferry from Jersey City to Willy Wall. The best time to visit Willy Wall is during the evening session which would afford you sunset views. On the weekends they offer afternoon and evening sessions. And again, it’s “bring your own food”. So definitely take advantage of that.

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