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Helicopter Flights – New York City

Booking a helicopter flight for your next stay in NYC may be the best idea you have had yet. A flight over the Big Apple will allow you to see New York City from a perspective that just can’t be matched from the ground. Despite the city’s many observation decks, a helicopter flight around NY is undoubtedly the most spectacular option to view the city from above. Soon after your New York helicopter flight takes off, you will realize you have made an excellent decision. Watching the massive skyscrapers shrink from the helicopter windows will most certainly impress you.


If you are interested in New York helicopter flights and want to pick the best out of the many that exist, you have come to the right place. Here you will find everything that you need to know before and after booking your helicopter flight over New York, to ensure you are perfectly equipped to enjoy the beautiful city of New York from above. The easily digestible format below will hopefully help you break down your different options, giving you a much easier choice of which New York helicopter flight is best for you.

New York helicopter flight lengths

There are 5 best helicopter flight services in NY, each of these with a slight different route that will fly over specific sights you may want to see. The different New York helicopter flights around  NY can also be distinguished by their flight time. We have split the different flight lengths into three categories below to help you find something within your budget that still gives you enough time to take in the beautiful city and its sights beneath you.

Short New York helicopter flight times

Manhattan Sky Tour: The 12 minute long Manhattan Sky Tour is the shortest helicopter flight service New York City has to offer. This flight over Manhattan is however by no means too short to fall in love with the city as it shrinks beneath you. This tour shares its flight path with the beginning of other tours meaning that many of the same sights are included. Leaving from the Manhattan Downtown Heliport allows for an immediate view of Governors Island and the Statue of Liberty which the helicopter will fly a loop around first. From here, the New York helicopter flights will make their way up the Hudson giving you an amazing panoramic view of Manhattan.

Sights you will see from this helicopter flight:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Times Square
  • Empire State Building
  • Chrysler Building
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Ground Zero
  • Ellis Island
  • Chelsea Piers
  • USS Intrepid
  • George Washington Bridge
  • Manhattan Bridge



Medium New York helicopter flights

Big Apple Helicopter Flight: We are a big fan of the 15 minute long Big Apple helicopter flight. Not only is this the most budget friendly option, it covers a must-see from above: Central Park. As you fly overhead the sky scrapers and concrete streets beneath suddenly give way to the largest patch of nature in the city. The contrast only helps accentuate the size and beauty of the city lying beneath you. With a few minutes longer in the air you will also have more time to secure your best photo of the sights you are flying above while not just taking everything in through the lens of your camera.

Sights covered in addition to Big Apple helicopter flight:

  • Central Park



Manhattan Scenic Helicopter Flight: On this 18 minute helicopter flight above New York you will experience 3 more sights in addition to the ones you fly over on the previous tours. Giving you a full impression of Manhattan Island, this New York helicopter flight will take you all the way up to the George Washington bridge, where a small loop will point you back down the Hudson for your return flight. At a relatively competitive price this is a great option for those who wish to see the famous Yankee Stadium and the Palisades of New Jersey in addition to the other sights on the shorter tours.

Sights you will see in addition to previous helicopter flights:

  • Yankee Stadium
  • Palisades of New Jersey
  • Columbia University



Long New York helicopter flight times

The Complete New York Tour: This 20 minute long helicopter flight over New York, is perfect for those who wish to fly over the Northern tip of Manhattan as well as get a great view of the famous Coney Island – It’s not labeled as a complete New York helicopter flight tour for no reason. The longer flight time also allows you to take some amazing pictures after the awe of flying over the world famous City of New York, gives way to the excitement of seeing some of the worlds most famous sights from a truly unique angle.

Additional sights you will see during this helicopter flight:

  • Coney Island
  • Northern tip of Manhattan
  • Verrazano Bridge



The Grand Island Tour: If you are looking for the ultimate helicopter ride and want to spend as long as possible gazing over the city from above, this helicopter flight is for you. This is truly a helicopter flight that shows you the most spectacular sights New York City has to offer in a way that’s just not possible from the ground. A 30 minute sky tour of Manhattan Island gives you more than enough time to take in the concrete jungle beneath you. You will also be able to look down on the surrounding districts and their unique makeups and architecture styles to give you a complete impression of NYC. From water-towers and skyscrapers to the Freedom Tower this is an experience you wont be forgetting anytime soon!


Helicopter flight routes



Frequently Asked Questions

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