The Spookiest Halloween Theme Restaurants of NYC

Where To Go For The Best Themed Halloween Restaurants in NYC

Looking to have yourself a scary, sit-down dinner for Halloween in NYC? Then get ready to dig in, because there are a bunch of deliciously demented Halloween theme restaurants in New York City. This year, Halloween is on Monday, October 31st, 2022. If you’re coming into the Big Apple for a fun-filled Halloween weekend, you’re probably thinking about great Halloween bars, haunted houses, ghost tours, and more.

Why stop there? One of our favorite parts of the Halloween season is how the restaurants go all out with costumes, decor, and more. 

Your Guide To The Best Halloween Theme Restaurants in NYC

To help you plan your Halloween NYC trip, we’re highlighting some of the best picks for a spooky evening.

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    Be Dazzled At A Taste Of Magic

    American Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    When it’s the Halloween season, there’s no shortage of witches, wizards, and warlocks wandering about. That’s why A Taste of Magic is one of our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween in NYC.

    This traveling experience takes place at restaurants around New York, bringing the thrills and intrigue of close-up magic to some of the city’s finest dining. Plus, it’s a family-friendly, all-ages way to get into the season. Each ticket includes the magic acts, the dinner, and the entertainment, and the two seating times (5pm and 8pm) fit perfectly for those packed New York schedules. 

    Their current shows take place at Docks, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and Gossip. You can find out more about A Taste of Magic and make reservations for yourself at the official page.

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    Travel Through Time At Lillie’s Victorian Establishment

    American Restaurant in Theatre District
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    There’s something indescribably spooky about the Victorian era. The setting for so many of our Halloween classics, from Frankenstein to Dracula and more, this is one area that made the ghoulish traditions we have today really come alive.

    That’s what makes Lillie’s Victorian Establishment such a great addition as a NYC Halloween theme restaurant. Created in honor of British actress Lillie Langtry, the restaurant is full of Victorian details like ornate wood carvings, an antique marble bar, and period-specific furnishings.

    With menus for brunch and dinner and a long list of wines, beers, and cocktails available at both Union Square and Times Square, Lillie’s Victorian Establishment will make your Halloween weekend a special one.

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    Face Your Fears at the Jekyll & Hyde Club

    American Restaurant in West Village
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    For a Halloween theme restaurant in NYC that goes all out, you’ve got to make a stop by the Jekyll & Hyde Club. Offering one of New York’s most unusual dinner experiences, you can expect a wide range of continuous live entertainment, special effects, and bizarre characters. From Frankenstein’s monster and Tobias the Werewolf to the legendary transformation of Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde, this restaurant will keep you on your toes.

    More than just a good time, this is also a delicious dinner spot with over 60 menu items to scare away your hunger. In addition to the Create-Your-Own Monster Burger and the Mummy, the Jekyll & Hyde Club has an impressive list of American and foreign draught beers.

    For more on this entertaining, only-in-New-York experience, visit the official Jekyll & Hyde Club website.

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    Get Haunted At One If By Land, Two If By Sea

    Other Restaurants in West Village
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    Though the gorgeous West Village restaurant One if by Land, Two if by Sea does offer fine dining at one of the most romantic spots in the city, there’s more to this restaurant than meets the eye.

    Once the house of US Vice President Aaron Burr, it is now believed that he and his daughter haunt the house, causing problems for the waitstaff. Just what kind of problems? Falling paintings, broken champagne glasses, and even earrings stolen from dinner guests.

    If you’re looking for that perfect mix of haunting and charming for a Halloween theme restaurant, this may be it. As part of their delicious prix-fixe plates, the restaurant is known for dishes like Beef Wellington, Maine Lobster, and Coq au Vin.

    Make a reservation and experience the haunting romance of One if by Land, Two by Sea for yourself.

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    Enjoy Halloween All-Year-Round At Beetle House NYC

    American Restaurant in East Village
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    Created to honor and celebrate the horror culture, Beetle House NYC is a year-round Halloween-themed party. With pieces and props inspired by the works of Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stoker, Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe and others, Beetle House is a must-see as one of the main Halloween theme restaurants in NYC.

    If you’re just stopping by for drinks, there’s no need for reservations – just slide up to the bar and order your Coco Skellington or your The Beetle’s Juice. If you are stopping by for the $55 prix-fixe dinner, which includes main courses like Edward Burger Hands and Sweeney Beef, it’s best to call in advance to reserve your spot.

    Take a look at the incredible decorations and make your reservation at Beetle House’s official website.

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    Avoid Werewolves At The Slaughtered Lamb Pub

    Other Restaurants in Greenwich Village
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    When you’re running away from ghosts and ghouls, you can work up quite an appetite. Fortunately if you’re looking for a Halloween theme restaurant NYC, the Slaughtered Lamb Pub delivers a great meal.

    Inspired by the original Slaughtered Lamb Pub outside of London that was supposed to be cursed with the bloodline of the Werewolf, this version in New York is no less scary. Fortunately, the ample beer menu and great pub food help!

    Featuring a mix of English pub fare like Traditional London Fish & Chips alongside a number of great specialty burgers, the Slaughtered Lamb Pub offers a spooky spot to fuel up during your Halloween weekend in NYC.

    Check out their menu and read up on the haunted history at the Slaughtered Lamb Pub’s official website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Halloween Restaurants in New York

Will restaurants be open on Halloween in New York?

Yes, restaurants will be open on Halloween in New York. 

Though Halloween is a big celebration across the country, it is not a national holiday, meaning stores, businesses, and restaurants will continue to operate normally.

Do people dress up for Halloween in New York?

The main Halloween tradition is for children to dress up and go door-to-door asking for candy. Adults will often dress up for Halloween-specific events and parties, especially if Halloween falls on a weekend. 

As Halloween 2022 is on Monday, October 31st, you can expect people to be dressed up starting the evening of Friday, October 28th through the rest of the weekend.

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