The 6 Best Halloween Bars in New York

Where To Go For The Best Themed Halloween Bars NYC

Thinking about celebrating Halloween in NYC this year? It’s time to stop thinking and start planning because an NYC Halloween is one of the silliest and spookiest events of the year.

From the world’s largest Halloween parade and scary haunted houses to unbeatable Halloween themed restaurants, New York City knows how to do Halloween right.

This year will be no exception. That’s because with Halloween falling on Monday, October 31st, 2022, you have the whole weekend to celebrate in costume. If you’re planning Halloween with your 21-and-over friends, that means four days where you can go out and enjoy the best bars and parties in town.

Your Guide To The Best Halloween Bars NYC

We’re here to make sure you ghouls and gals have the best possible time, so we’ve put together our favorite Halloween bars in NYC.

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    01 Prepare To Get Weird At The House Of Wax

    You know you’re in for a good time at this place when it’s listed as both a bar and a wax museum. Filled to the brim with all sorts of antique oddities and wax figures, the House of Wax sets the spooky tone from the second you step foot inside. This includes all sorts of parts and pieces, from wax fetuses to wax heads and more.

    Though certainly playing to a more morbid sensibility, the House of Wax also delivers a great bar experience. Dozens of great beer choices, bites, wines, and cocktails make for a chill evening experience with a local vibe.

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    02 Enjoy the Scintillating Madame X

    Calling itself one of New York’s sexiest bars, Madame X has the vibe and decor to make your Halloween weekend a sensational one.

    With performances that regularly feature drag queens, burlesque shows, tarot readers, and even oystertainers (you have to see it to believe it), Madame X knows how to put on a party. And Halloween in NYC is no exception.

    From their Foreplay Happy Hours to their Specialty Cocktails, you’re sure to find a tasty treat to help keep your NYC Halloween weekend going.

    For more about this alluring bar, including their hours and drinks menu, visit the official Madame X website.

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    03 Brew A Potion At The Cauldron

    Want to visit an NYC Halloween bar with your fellow witches and wizards? At the Cauldron, you can stop by for an immersive cocktail class, potion making, wizard afternoon tea, and even a spell casting.

    Great for adults 21-and-over (with a non-alcoholic version available for younger visitors), the Cauldron invites its guests for a workshop that includes drinks, the brewing of cocktails, and a nearly 2-hour interactive experience. 

    Cocktails include the Blob, the Serum of Loose Lips, the Bitter Glitter, and more for an enchantingly good time. For more about the bewitching art of potion making at the Cauldron, visit their official website.

  4. Oscar_Wilde_Bar_NYC_190524163257001

    04 Indulge In Halloween Extravagance With Oscar Wilde

    If there’s an author throughout history that captures the fun and the drama of Halloween, it might very well be Oscar Wilde.

    That’s what makes this Victorian-themed bar in his likeness such a treat. Oscar Wilde NYC is driven, its creators say, by the way the playwright turned the Victorian era on its head and encourages living life with a bit of sophisticated debauchery.

    Who are we to disagree?

    This Halloween bar in NYC features a dramatic French fireplace, a player piano, an Irish writer’s wall, an inlay from a castle from the 1700s, and dozens more historically impressive touches throughout. Fashionable, fun, and with a lengthy list of cocktails, this bar is definitely worth a visit for your next Halloween weekend in NYC.

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    05 Watch Your Head At Otto’s Shrunken Head

    Sometimes the best Halloween bar in NYC to get dressed up for is one that’s already in costume! That’s one of the many fun parts of visits to Otto’s Shrunken Head, a tiki bar and lounge in Manhattan. Offering classic cocktails like Mai Tais and Singapore Slings alongside their own creations (Pang’s Punch, Patty’s Poison, and Otto’s Octane), each cocktail is served in a signature mug that you can take with you (for a few dollars, of course).

    Filled with carved decorations, colored lights, and lots of character, Otto’s Shrunken Head is an off-the-wall choice for a Halloween that’s a bit more kooky than spooky.

    Get the whole story behind one of New York’s best tiki bars, Otto’s Shrunken Head, at their official website.

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    06 Pause For A Touch Of Romance At The Auction House

    As much as Halloween is a time for getting spooky and getting scared, it’s also a time for letting our imaginations run wild.

    For a more romantic, old-fashioned Halloween, the Auction House features red velvet drapes, a mahogany bar, eye-catching paintings, and an impressive fireplace. Fitting for their speakeasy theme, they also offer a number of great cocktails and affordable well drinks.

    For a romantic Halloween date night, check out Auction House on the Upper East Side.

Frequently Asked Questions About Halloween Bars in New York

What time is last call in New York City?

If you’re looking for when bars close in New York City, know that 4 a.m. is when they legally have to stop serving alcohol. Clubs and bars can still stay open after.

Can you drink in public in New York?

It is illegal to drink in public in New York. Though there are many public events for Halloween, including parades, festivals, and haunted houses, drinking alcohol has to be done in designated areas.

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