Grimaldi’s Pizza in Brooklyn New York

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The way pizza is prepared in the US and how it tastes will surprise you as a first-time tourist to New York. If you like a thick crust (maybe even filled with cheese), you won’t have any problems fulfilling your appetite for the Italian delicacy. However, if you prefer a truly flavorful, original, Italian pizza fired in a brick oven, you won’t find many restaurants in New York City that will meet your expectations. 

I have therefore made it my mission to discover the best tasting pizza in New York City. This quest led me across the Brooklyn Bridge into the beautiful neighborhood of Dumbo: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria successfully meets or exceeds every criteria a good Italian pizzeria should. But what exactly makes Grimaldi’s so special?

A New York Institution: Grimaldi’s


Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is a pizza chain that was founded in New York in 1941. Today, their restaurants are located in several cities across the US. The location in Dumbo, Brooklyn is where the chain got its start. The secret of their success?

Staying true to tradition, ingredients imported from Italy, and perfectly authentic Italian preparation. Every Grimaldi’s pizza is baked in handmade, coal-fired brick ovens following Italian tradition. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Dumbo is No. 1 in New York, and also ranks among the 5 best pizza restaurants in the country. The words “the best pizza” and the name “Grimaldi’s ” are often mentioned in the same breath.

Be prepared for a wait

New Yorkers have known for ages that Grimaldi’s pizza in Dumbo is the best in the city, and descend on the establishment in droves on weekends. Expect long lines and a long wait – but getting your own table is definitely worth it.

Another helpful hint: bring cash – Grimaldi’s does not accept credit cards and does not take reservations. When ordering, be sure to consider the size of the pie. In the US, a small pizza is equivalent to a large in Germany. A large pizza is enough for two or more people. Click here for the menu at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Dumbo.

Grimaldi's Pizza New York

Grimaldi’s in Manhattan, Coney Island & Queens

The mother of all Grimaldi restaurants is located in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn. However, if you prefer to enjoy the best pizza in New York City in Manhattan, Queens, or on Coney Island, that option is available to you. In Manhattan you can find Grimaldi’s Pizzeria at 656 Avenue of the Americas (click here for the menu), in Queens in the Douglaston Plaza Shopping Center (click here for the menu) on 61st Avenue, and on Coney Island (click here for the menu) near the subway station at 1215 Surf Avenue.

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