The 7 Best Jazz Clubs in the Village NYC

Greenwich Village in New York is known for its variety of jazz clubs. Here and in the adjacent West Village, you will find great jazz clubs and jazz bars where you will have a wonderful time! In my article, I will tell you which spots I recommend the most that are in Greenwich Village, as well as in the West Village. Bleecker Street also has many great spots! 

By the way, in my guide to the best jazz clubs in NYC, there are a few more addresses to consider when planning your trip!

These are the best jazz clubs in Greenwich Village! 

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    Jazz Club in Greenwich Village
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    Blue Note Jazz Club
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    Mezzrow Jazz Club was named after the 1920’s jazz Clarinetist Milton’ Mezz’ Mezzrow and is located in Greenwich Village. It’s commonly described as a jazz venue, lounge, and listening room, and thanks to the club’s endorsement from Steinway Pianos, they have a full-sized grand piano that they use to feature some of the best jazz players around. 

    This is the ideal jazz club for anyone looking for an intimate setting that’s bare-bones and focuses solely on providing a live jazz experience inside an underground piano bar. Mezzrow Jazz Club is run by the same people who run Smalls Club, and here you’ll find live pianists nightly, as well as a snack menu and full bar. They require a one-drink minimum, and entry fees are $35 per person. 

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    Cellar Dog

    Jazz Club in West Village
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    Cellar Dog is located on Christopher Street and is open Wednesday through Sunday. This venue sets itself apart from other New York City jazz clubs because it doesn’t just focus on music. Instead, you can grab a few friends and spend until 4 am at Cellar Dog just playing pool, ping pong, or shuffle while listening to some of NYC’s best jazz musicians play. 

    If you’re looking for a really awesome jazz club in the West Village, you should stop by the Cellar Dog, which was known as Fat Cat until 2021. They generally host two sets from two bands, with the first starting around 6 or 7 pm and the second at 9 pm. You can expect to see acts such as Nicole Glover Trio, Erik Robert Jacobson, John Benitez Quartet, and Kyoko Oyobe Quartet. 

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    Smalls Jazz Club

    Jazz Club in West Village
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    Smalls Jazz Club can be found on W 10th Street in NYC’s Greenwich Village. The club first opened in 1994 and quickly earned the reputation for being one of the top places to see NYC’s newest jazz musicians. These musicians are noted for being largely unknown but talented in music that’s described as a mix of modern hard bop and bebop. The club’s main room is a 50-person basement that’s been expanded to seat up to 60 guests. 

    Anyone wanting the most authentic jazz experience possible should attend Smalls Jazz Club. It’s not a cheesy dinner club like many other clubs; Smalls gives the vibe of an authentic speakeasy which sets it apart from the competition. Be sure to check out their calendar, as there are always events planned for every night of the week. Depending on the occasion, ticket prices range from $35 to $40. 

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    The Stone at the New School Glass Box Theatre

    Jazz Club in Greenwich Village
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    The Stone opened in 2005 and was founded by improviser and composer John Zorn. The club is a nonprofit organization that curates unique lineups and a no merch or beverages policy. It was first located in the East Village, but this venue closed its doors in March of 2018, but the music kept going at the New School’s Glass Box Theatre, where it’s currently still located. 

    For those who attended the original Stone, expect the same intrepid music organized by world-renowned curators such as Bill Frisell and Thurston Moore. The performances are dedicated to Avant-Garde, and experimental types of music, and shows run three to four nights per week. Tickets cost $20 per set, which begins at 8:30 pm on W 13th Street. Due to COVID restrictions, it’s best to check their website for rules and the upcoming calendar. 

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    Village Vanguard

    Jazz Club in West Village
    Best Jazz Clubs in NYC
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    The Village Vanguard is located at Seventh Ave South in the West Village. It was first opened by Max Gordon in 1935, making it New York City’s oldest operating jazz club. Though, many people didn’t realize that this venue actually hosted beat poetry and folk music until 1957, when it became a home for jazz music. Even the legends John Coltrane and Miles Davis played here.

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    Zinc Bar

    Jazz Club in Greenwich Village
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    For over sixteen years, the sister-and-brother owners of Zinc Bar patiently watched the Club Cinderella space in NYC’s Greenwich Village. This building is iconic within the jazz world; it’s a legendary forties nightclub that’s hosted jazz royalty within its walls. Housed in the very basement where Thelonious Monk played as the house pianist, Billie Holiday performed, and Frank Sinatra attended to watch her, Zinc Bar is a jazz lover’s must-see place. 

    So, after the Irish rock club closed its doors for good, Kristina Kossi and Alex Kay moved the Zinc Bar into this underground location. Today, it still resembles a Bogie gin joint, with its classic champagne chiller, vintage decanters, and stainless-steel bar. Zinc Bar does not charge a cover, but there is a one-drink minimum during the week and a two-drink minimum on the weekend. However, around the stage, there is a cover charge from $8 to $10. Be sure to check out wild-card sets on Thursdays and Brazilian and African bands over the weekend. 

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