Great NY Noodletown

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown, Great NY Noodletown is one of the most well known restaurants in the area. The restaurant attracts locals and tourists alike and serves Cantonese cuisine which is both flavorful and well prepared. Whether you’re looking for a late night fix or just looking to grab a quick bite to eat during the day, Great NY Noodletown is definitely a spot that we recommend. They serve great food that does not hurt your wallet.

Great NY Noodletown – Atmosphere

Walking into Great NY Noodletown can be overwhelming at first since it is busy most of the time, but usually getting a table isn’t a huge problem. We managed to walk into the restaurant in between the typical meal hours and were seated right away. Here’s a little tip, don’t expect a host or hostess to seat you. Instead, one of the servers will make eye contact with you and all you have to do is signal how many people are in your party. If there are two people, just throw up two fingers and the servers will direct you to your table. Once you are seated, there will be no need to ask for a menu since it’s fixed into the table underneath a glass top. The menu offers an abundance of choices. What we liked was that the servers are very straight forward. They do not pressure you into buying more. They take your order and bring you your delicious meal.

Your Delicious Meal

At Great NY Noodletown, we ordered three dishes. We had noodle soup with shrimp dumplings, deep fried soft-shell crab with peppers and their roast duck on top of rice. Do us a favor – skip the General Tso Chicken. You can order that dish anywhere in America.

The noodle soup with shrimp dumplings came out first. The broth is very subtle yet flavorful, while the noodles itself were perfectly cooked and garnished with scallions. Biting into the shrimp dumplings was magical as well and the flavors of each ingredient within the dish complimented each other.

Their deep fried soft-shell crab with peppers is exactly what it sounds like. Fried perfectly to a golden brown, crunchy, well-seasoned and surprisingly light. The peppers add a nice touch and gives it a little kick of spice.

Their roast duck is considered one of their most famous items. From the outside of Great NY Noodletown, you will see the roast duck displayed behind the window. You can smell the amazing aroma as you approach the restaurant. The duck’s golden brown, crunchy skin, moist and tender meat compliments the rice and house sauce. This dish is simplicity at its best.

We recommend Great NY Noodletown because they simply deliver great food at a great price. Find out more about the Great NY Noodletown on their website.

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