Grand Banks on the Hudson River

Water, great views, and a great atmosphere. That’s the Grand Banks on the Hudson River. The location itself is already a big hit. You get to sit in a historic ship called F/V Sherman Zwicker on the Hudson River and, weather permitting, you can enjoy New York City from the water.

The ship is tightly knotted and does not move too much making your stay enjoyable. The feeling here is extremely relaxing due to the rocking of the boats. Incidentally, since recently, there has now been a second location similar to Grand Banks. The other location is on Pier 6 near Brooklyn Bridge Park and is called “Pilot Brooklyn” (read more here).

Our Impression of Grand Banks On The Hudson River

Grand Banks was super relaxing and it was just generally great to be there. The ship staggers very slowly on the waves and you can look at the wonderful Hudson River down to the Statue of Liberty. It’s a nice touch and a great way to enjoy the views.

Seafood and Drinks Deluxe on the Grand Banks

Grand Banks is known for its seafood and drinks which are both some of the best in New York City. Their oysters and lobster rolls are the most popular items on the menu and is worth every dollar. The white wine however is pretty expensive and can run up to 16 dollars per glass (it is NYC though, so we get it). It was probably the premium one and was still great. If you want to take advantage of the views and experience, make sure to check out the restaurant right before sunset. NYC’s sunset’s are beautiful and filled with color.

From April/May to October you can book Grand Banks and visit. You will find the ship at Pier 25 which is in Tribeca and is 3 blocks from the subway stations such as “Canal Street” A C E or “Franklin St.” 1.

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