Garden State Plaza Mall

Explore the biggest shopping mall in New Jersey

Bring your New York shopping experience to a new level – check out the Garden State Plaza Mall and shop until you drop.

Garden State Plaza Mall

Next time when you are in New York City you need to explore this awesome mall we recently discovered: The Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall which spans over almost 200.000 square meters and provides the ultimate shopping experience with 400 different stores! The Garden State Plaza Mall is definitely something for you if you don’t like shopping in stressful Manhattan in the midst of crowds and tourists, as it is located 13 miles outside of Manhattan in a small village called Paramus, and counts as the largest mall of the neighbor state New Jersey. Why is New Jersey making every shopping-heart beat faster? Because here you can save up on some serious sales taxe that you always have to add to all your purchases in New York City.

Garden State Plaza Mall: Exclusive stores and huge varieties

Needless to say the choice offered in the Garden State Plaza Mall is endless, as it is the largest mall in New Jersey. However, sometimes quantity does not always imply quality. The stores in the Garden State Plaza Mall are exclusively selected and well chosen, ensuring high quality labels. Among the huge department stores Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor and Neiman Marcus, you can find luxury labels here a dime a dozen: Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Superdry, Apple, or Abercrombie but also stores like Converse, Gap, Hollister, Steve Madden, H & M, GUESS, COACH, MAC Cosmetics, and a Lacoste Store. And this is just a small fraction of what you can expect. Here you can find a list of all shops located in Garden State Plaza Mall.

Garden State Plaza Mall Shopping

When speaking about the Garden State Plaza Mall, it is to highlight that it is not an outlet, as this is sometimes mistakenly perceived. In outlets you can purchase mostly older collections of merchandise at lower prices, whereas in the Garden State Plaza Mall you can buy all the current collections of the best labels, better quality and up-to-date and trendy products. That sounds like music to your ears? Then the Garden State Plaza Mall is the place for you. Saving money is an option too: A Michael Kors bag for example was reduced from $279 to $199, while it would cost more than $300 if you bought it at Macy’s in Manhattan. All these factors make shopping in New Jersey worthwile, not only due to the sales tax savings and tourist-avoidance, but also because of the fancier, more beautiful shops and incredible layout and design of the mall.

Getting hungry (or hangry?): Grab a bite at Garden State Plaza Mall

The mall offers a huge selection of restaurants on the lower level food court, where you can find basically anything from fast food to a delicious glass of wine, an Italian espresso or high-class restaurants. Here you can see all the restaurants in the mall in an overview. My favorite place to eat: Shake Shack – the best burger in New York City.

How do I get to Garden State Plaza Mall?

The public transportation to Paramus is pretty good. There is a bus departing every hour from Port Authority, which takes you directly to the mall. Here is the timetable of the busses 162 and 163, which go to the mall. Get off at the stop called Paramus Garden State Plaza. A ride costs you only $4 and takes about half an hour. Happy Shopping!

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