Fun Activities in NYC For Couples: My Top 10 Fun Romantic Things to Do

What are fun and romantic activities in New York City for couples?

New York has many faces. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here. That’s also the case if you’re looking for things to do with your significant other. Whether you’re looking for fun activities in NYC for couples or even some fun romantic things to do in NYC, we’ve got some inspirations for your special day. 

Want to impress someone on a first date, simply enjoy a fun night out with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or celebrate a memorable anniversary? Browse our list of fun romantic things to do in New York City to collect some ideas!

Top 10 Fun Activities in New York City for Couples

1. Work your way out of an escape room

fun things to do in nyc for couples

Whether it’s just the two of you or you’re joining a group, escape rooms are always fun! Do the two of you have the skills necessary to work together and solve the room before the clock strikes the 1-hour mark? The strength of your relationship will be tested as the two of you attempt to coordinate your efforts in a time crunch. Whether you succeed or not, you’ll have a memorable experience and grow closer because of it.

It’s definitely one of the most fun activities in NYC for couples if you like being active and challenged.

2. Join a cooking class

fun romantic things to do in new york

Instead of just wining and dining at a restaurant, isn’t it much more fun to prepare the meal yourself? At our beloved Eataly, you two will learn to cook an authentic Italian specialty from scratch. You’ll have the chance to work as a team while learning from a master chef. As a reward, you will indulge in your well-deserved dinner together! It’s a fun couples thing to do in NYC, regardless of your cooking skills. Hopefully, you can copy the recipe at home and impress your future guests! Check out their offers below.

eataly FLATIRON or Eataly WTC

3. Take a romantic twilight cruise

romantic cruise in nyc

New York is surrounded by two rivers, making it the perfect place for an enchanting boat ride around the city. Boarding at the approach of dusk, the two of you will set sail just in time to toast the start of your romantic evening. Depending on the cruise you decide to go for, you can enjoy finely catered food while admiring the shimmering lights of the city. Taking a cruise is, without a doubt, one of the more fun romantic things to do in NYC.

Our favorites twilight cruises are the Harbor Lights Cruise and the Bateaux Dinner Cruise but there even more dinner cruises out there.

Dinner cruises in nyc

4. Watch a movie under the stars

fun activities in nyc for couples

Everyone knows that dating can be expensive. Luckily, there is no shortage of free AND fun activities for couples to do in NYC, the popular movies under the stars being one of them. Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine and some snacks and head to one of the many free summer movies in the city, for example at Brooklyn Bridge Park or Bryant Park. When the night falls, it’s time to sit back and cuddle up beneath the starry sky. Movies under the stars are a real step up from a regular Netflix and chill session at home (or at the hotel). Be sure to check the calendars to choose a movie that piques your interest.

5. Explore the skies with a private helicopter ride

couple activities in nyc

Without a doubt, one of the most fun things you can do in New York is hovering above the city. A helicopter ride offers you staggering views of the skyline from an angle that very few are able to appreciate. If you want to be more romantic, consider a private helicopter ride for just you and your significant other. While they come at a higher price they may be worth the expense if you want to truly impress your partner or maybe even plan to pop the question. If you like the idea of a helicopter ride but are fine with a shared one for a lower price, see our helicopter ride comparison. Either way, taking a helicopter ride is one of the most fun things to do in NYC as a couple.

Private helicopter INFO

6. Explore new heights at a rooftop bar

romantic things to do in nyc

Another way to spend the night with your date is by sipping on a cocktail al-fresco on a terrace with panoramic views overlooking New York’s most photogenic spots. If that’s not romantic, then what is? The fun and romantic things to do in NYC can sometimes be as simple as having a drink and enjoying great views with someone special by your side.

best NYC rooftop bars



7. Let loose at a comedy club

fun couple things to do in nyc

If you ask me, one of the most fun couple activities in New York is attending a comedy show. My recommendation is to ditch stand up comedy and instead see an improv show. At an improv show, you have the chance to participate and influence what you see making it all the more fun.

Where to go? How about attending the Friday N*ght Show at the Magnet Theater in Chelsea? The set up allows you to write down a note on the little piece of paper outside in the lobby. Once written, fold it and put it into the provided bucket. During the show, the cast will draw a piece of paper one at the time, read them out loud and do improv based on that. What you write down can be as trivial as a single word, a phrase, or a short story. Make it about the two of you and it will be even funnier. It’s also a way to test the chemistry between the two of you!

8. Head to an ice skating rink or hop on a bicycle

romantic activities in new york

Some other fun things to do in NYC for couples are outdoor activities. Depending on the season, you can either go ice skating or cycling together. A bike ride is a perfect way to explore Central Park‘s many attractions while also opening up the possibility of discovering a private alcove for the to of you to share your romantic moment. In the winter months, ice skating can help the two of you live out a frozen fantasy gliding along a world-famous NYC ice rink.


9. Recharge your energy at SoJo Spa

Fun Activities in NYC For Couples: My Top 10 Fun Romantic Things to Do

Fancy some relaxation and shared bliss with your significant other away from the city yet without losing touch of it? At SoJo Spa Club, you can spend some relaxing time in a hot tub or pool, some of which let you overlook Manhattan’s skyline. You’ll be at the same latitude as Central Park. For a more special experience, you can book additional services, including couple massages. A day away from the bustle of the city may be exactly what you need. While it is located in NJ, it’s actually not that far and easy to get to. It’s one of my favorite fun romantic things to do in the New York City area.


10. Enjoy a stroll through the park

romantic things to do in nyc

When it comes to romance, nothing can beat an idyllic walk through some of New York’s most beautiful parks. As you can see, fun things couples can do in NYC don’t always have to be over the top. Sometimes they can be as simple as taking a walk.

The High Line’s lengthy promenade now features romantic artwork like a “LOVE” and “AMOR” sign that are the perfect photo backdrops for a couple’s selfie. Along the way, you encounter many benches and seating areas to rest and cuddle up while taking in the views of the city.

Best PARKS in nyc

My Personal Best Fun Couple Things to Do in New York City

One of my favorite things to do in Ne York City for couples is to watch a Broadway show! Of course, you can reserve seats in advance, however, there’s a more fun way to attend a show that only requires some flexibility.

Catch a show last-minute

fun things to do for couples in new york

Try your luck and head to one of the TKTS booths located throughout Manhattan, or go online to find the best, last-minute prices for a show. Whether it’s Broadway or Off-Broadway, being spontaneous can be a lot of fun and you may be surprised at the deals you can snag a few minutes before a show. If you like to take a risk, head the cancellation line of your favorite show and pray for some left-over tickets.

See Broadway shows


More Fun Things to Do in New York City

Fun Things To Do In New York CityNew York City has so much more to offer than its must-sees. In order to inspire you with not so typical activities, we’ve compiled a list of the top fun things to do in NYC for you. Also, you’ll find the most fun activities in New York City in different categories on this overview page. We made sure there’s more than enough fun stuff to discover for everyone!

Fun Stuff to Do in NYC

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