Pier 66: The Frying Pan Restaurant

Maritime Atmosphere in New York City

The Frying Pan is a restaurant, bar and grill at the same time. It’s a must-see when visiting New York City. Located at Pier 66 in the Hudson River Park, you’ll not only enjoy the delicious food but also beautiful views of Manhattan’s skyline and New Jersey across the Hudson. The Frying Pan restaurant definitely ranks among the best waterside restaurants in the city.

The Frying Pan Restaurant is a seasonal restaurant that opens its doors from May to October. We recommend stopping by on nice days only, as it remains closed on rainy days.

The Frying Pan’s Historic Importance

The Frying Pan’s fascinating history dates back many, many years. Built in 1929, this lightship (a ship with a lighthouse) served to ensure maximum visibility at sea. While docked at a harbor in Maryland, a broken pipe caused the ship to sink. It wasn’t recovered until 3 years later. The ship was then restored to its original appearance and brought to New York City in 1989. It is one of only four lightships in the greater area, which makes it even more unique and should be truly appreciated.

Sunset at the Hudson

The Frying Pan is particularly known for its terrific location to watch the most stunning sunsets. It allows you an unobstructed view of the river while enjoying the wonderful maritime atmosphere. To get to the two-storied ship, just walk to Pier 66 and it’ll take you straight to it. As you may imagine it can get a little windy the closer you are to the water. Luckily, the restaurant has taken precautions and the whole ship is sheltered from the wind.

Top-notch Food

The Frying Pan Restaurant’s menu is kept small enough to not overwhelm you with choices but large enough to allow you to choose from a variety of different dishes. For those who like it: on some days you’ll even find fresh mussels on the menu.

No matter if you order grilled meats, fish or sea food, they are always served fresh. Vegetarians, don’t stop reading yet! The Frying Pan’s menu includes a delicious veggie burger and different salads. The food’s quality and taste are excellent, while prices are in line with New York’s standard. A glass of wine will cost you about $9, as will a glass of white sangria which we thoroughly enjoyed.

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