Fotografiska New York

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Fotografiska New York is a wonderful museum in NYC for all art and especially photo art enthusiasts. Originally founded in Stockholm in 2010, the museum also exists in Tallinn (Estonia) and since 2019 in New York. 

It is located in a beautiful building from 1892 and extends over 6 floors. In addition to changing exhibitions, there is a restaurant and cocktail bar to round out your visit.

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Note: Fotografiska will only be in its current location until September 29!

Impression of the Fotografiska NYC

Photos from inside the Fotografiska New York

So is the Fotografiska worth a visit?

In my experience, yes! It is a very special museum that is a MUST SEE not only for photo enthusiasts. It’s great curated, the atmosphere is really nice and you can go to a bar or restaurant in the same building to handle the impressions in style.

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