Flipper’s Pancakes in NYC

Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes in SoHo

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The hype about Flipper’s Pancake in NYC started way before they even opened their first outpost in SoHo. There is no doubt that the fluffy pancakes look incredibly enticing but do they also taste as good as they look? Of course, we wanted to know if the hype was justified so we checked out their soufflé pancakes for you. Here’s what to know about Flipper’s in NYC.

About Flipper’s Pancake

Flipper’s specializes in Japanese soufflé pancakes that couldn’t be any fluffier! The hugely popular pancake chain originated in Tokyo and now also opened its first US outpost in New York City. When Flipper’s celebrated their grand opening, we observed a line forming as early as 2 hours before the opening. Social Media truly did a great job of promoting the gorgeous-looking, jiggly pancakes.

Flipper’s in SoHo

Flipper’s is located on West Broadway in SoHo. It’s a pretty place with lots of windows, giving it a bright and spacious look. While the first floor serves as a waiting area to be seated as well as for to-go orders, the second floor is where you’ll be seated to dine in. The food is served freshly from a semi-open kitchen on the floor.

The Menu at Flipper’s

Flipper's menu

The jiggly pancakes are served in a variety of flavors, both sweet and savory. The sweet menu includes strawberry, blueberry, matcha, maple butter, and plain pancakes. The savory menu, on the other hand, can include eggs, chicken and salmon. There’s a pancake to everyone’s taste! Flipper’s also offers waffles, but looking at those pancake photos, who would even bother with waffles?

Our Flipper’s Pancake Review

Flipper's fluffy pancakes in SoHo

When we passed by Flipper’s in SoHo on their grand opening day, the line started forming as early as 9 am. Although we were willing to wait, the thought of waiting for more than two hours on an empty stomach made us change our minds. We decided to give it another try the week after. On the day of our visit, we arrived at 10:20 am and ended up being the third party in line. At the time of opening, at 11 am, we counted 20 people in line.

It takes about 20 minutes for the pancakes to be served!

You surely need to calculate some time to dine here as it won’t be a quick in and out, whether you have to wait to get in or not. Once you put your order in, it takes about 20 minutes until you can actually devour your pancakes. That’s because the secret to their fluffiness is cooking them at very low temperatures.

Okay, now to the burning question: Were the fluffy pancakes worth the wait? For us, they were! First, we were afraid the pancake spot may have been overhyped by social media. It wouldn’t have been the first time food looks tempting and then ends up being mediocre. However, the Japanese soufflé pancakes did not let us down! Not not only do they look fabulous – they also taste heavenly! I’d even say that eating the fluffy pancakes was like biting into little clouds. If you’re a pancake enthusiast or are simply looking for a unique breakfast or brunch, Flipper’s is a great place to try.

We also want to mention the exceptional staff at Flipper’s in NYC. Whether it was the host or the servers; everyone was extremely attentive and accommodating. They really couldn’t have been any friendlier. While we surely came for the pancakes, the staff left a great impression on us.

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