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The Eden Gallery is an international contemporary art gallery with locations in NYC, Miami, Mykonos, London, and, soon, in Dubai. It was founded by Cathia Kimovsky in 1997 and has since grown into a worldwide network of high-end galleries that represent a multitude of international artists, each of whom has its own unique and modern approach to art. The artists from Eden Gallery collectively promote and represent contemporary optimism and colorful views of life. 

In each of Eden’s gallery spaces worldwide, it’s evident that they operate at the forefront of vibrant, modern culture with a spirit of commitment to the community among their curators, supporters, and artists. At this gallery, you’ll find pieces of art that are held to the highest standards and events, experiences, and exhibitions that are not only unforgettable but will leave you transformed and inspired. 

Artists you can expect to see at Eden Gallery are Alec Monopoly, Gal Yosef, Eduardo Kobra, David Kracov, Metis Atash, and many more. And be prepared to get surrounded by positivity, color, and imagination at Eden because it’s home to a diverse collection of artwork that spans from 3D shadow boxes and paintings to sculptures and mixed media. 

This art gallery is located on trendy Greene Street, right in the heart of Soho, and features 10,000 square feet of artwork spread among four floors. Past exhibits include works from many contemporary artists and are constantly changing. Some current exhibitions to look for are ‘Crypto War,’ ‘Thinker,’ and ‘$ Team Outside Wall Street.’ It’s worth mentioning that if you plan to visit Eden and are looking for an even better experience, check out their upcoming events calendar, as they commonly host festivities during the day and night. 

Also, don’t forget to take home your very own piece of contemporary, modern art from Eden Gallery. Each piece of artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity, and they also offer shipping, appraisals, and on-site consultations. 

Upcoming And Past Exhibits

What can you do after visiting Eden Gallery?

If you want to visit more art galleries, I recommend the Ronald Feldman Gallery, LIK Fine Art Soho or Jeffrey Deitch. If not, you can go to one of the many great restaurants in SoHo. Two of my favorites are Little Prince, Antique Garage and The Dutch, both a few blocks away.

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