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The italian way of life in NYC

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Eataly in the Flatiron District is home to the best Italian Food Market in New York City. Mamma mia! Eataly is an exquisite Italian dining hall that offers everything from pizza and sandwiches to wine and cook books. Be sure to bring a big appetite when visiting Eataly so that you can try a few of the many culinary delicacies available. And there is a second Eataly location in Downtown Manhattan just by the One World Trade Center (101 Liberty St).

A slice Italy in the heart of New York City

Headquartered in Turin, the chain Eataly enjoys worldwide success. Eataly in New York was opened in 2000 by master chef Mario Batali and became an overnight sensation. The company now has a total of 28 locations worldwide: 14 in Italy, 2 in the US, 10 in Japan, one in Dubai, and another in Istanbul. New locations are added every year!

All products are beautifully presented in an attractive market atmosphere. You can buy Italian delicacies at numerous stands and watch employees as they are making the pasta and pastries right in front of you. You can even learn how to cook here! Italian cooking classes taught by local master chefs are a part of the Eataly concept. Eataly also sells ingredients from small, local producers and tells the individual stories behind their products. You could spend hours walking through the aisles and looking at everything.

Most New Yorkers come to Eataly to buy Italian ingredients, but you can also eat excellent Italian food at one of the many integrated restaurants and bars. Eataly New York City provides everything your heart desires: pizza, cheese, steaks, yummy desserts, and real Italian gelato. The supermarket has the greatest selection of Italian products in the city – you really can find anything and everything. The best olive oils, hams, cheeses, and countless varieties of pasta, sauces, and Italian pastries.

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Pizza, Pasta & Wine at Eataly New York City

We have tried all of the restaurants at Eataly because its hard to resist trying something new every time you’re here. The pizza is great, however it is a little on the expensive side. If you enjoy real The pasta dishes are also very good – I recommend pairing them with a Pinot and and finishing the meal with an Espresso. La Rosticceria takes the crown however, selling nothing but roasted meat (different daily) on a panino this is the best sandwich we have ever eaten. Its simplicity speaks for itself as no sauce is needed to accompany the amazing, freshly roasted, meat. While the sandwich is quite pricey this one is definitely worth it! You have to try one.

Something else you must try: La Birreria Rooftop Bar

La Birreria is a rooftop bar located atop Eataly at the flatiron building New York City. The food is great and very unique for NYC. The mix of Italian dishes will get your mouth watering for sure.

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