The Easter Parade in NYC

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Over the course of almost two centuries, the Easter Parade in NYC has become a fun tradition. It’s a rather informal parade and everybody is invited to be part of it. All you need is your best outfit, a lot of enthusiasm and a subway ride to Midtown Manhattan!

What is the Easter Parade?

Back in the 1870s, the Easter Parade in NYC started as a spontaneous event. Over the years, the parade has evolved making it a New York tradition that takes place annually on Easter Sunday. Though the religious focus of the parade has faded, thousands of people gather on 5th Avenue, dressed in fashionable, colorful clothing, wearing floral Easter bonnets, and celebrating together. Anybody is free to join the parade at any time. Typically, more than 30 thousand people participate in New York’s Easter Parade, making it one of the largest celebrations in the country. This year too, you can expect large, happy crowds.

When is the Easter Parade in NYC?

The Easter Parade in New York takes place on Easter Sunday, which falls on April 17th in 2022. It lasts almost all day, from 10 am to 4 pm.

The full Easter Parade Route

Even though the Easter Parade in NYC lasts about 6 hours in total, the parade route is relatively short, measuring less than half a mile. The parade kicks off at 49th Street and heads towards 57th Street along 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The reason for such a short route despite the long parade duration is that people will join and stop whenever they like. People will grab bites here and there or go shopping in between. That’s why the parade is considered informal, as it’s not organized. If we had to describe it differently, we’d call it a street celebration rather than a parade. Take a look at the complete route for the Easter Parade in NYC:


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