You’ve never seen Dumbo empty like this

The spooky photos of an empty Dumbo

I started my week off with a nice walk through my favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn. On a regular Monday morning, you’d see locals rushing to work, getting their coffee, waiting for the train and buying a last-minute breakfast before heading into the office. 

Dumbo is known for its creative residents, artists, actors and many families who can afford the high rents in those beautiful industrial lofts. During COVID-19 Dumbo looks different on a Monday morning. During my walk, I barely saw a single soul outside. New Yorkers take their “Stay Home” order seriously. It was probably one of the strangest walks that I have had in this neighborhood. I felt like straight out of a science fiction movie, just waiting for Will Smith and his German Shepherd waiting for me on the next block.

Photos from an almost spooky Dumbo

Lots of tourists are coming to Dumbo daily to admire views of the Manhattan skyline located right across the East River. They come to take photos of the famous Washington Street, visit the many coffee shops and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I missed them yesterday. Dumbo was so quiet instead. Here are a few shots from Dumbo during the coronavirus crisis.

Der Brooklyn Bridge Park

Popular for walks, weddings, picnics, photoshoots and one of the highlights in Dumbo not only because of its views. The views remain the same. The people are missing.

You’ve never seen Dumbo empty like this

Washington Street in Dumbo

One of the most famous streets in Dumbo, maybe even all over Brooklyn. This photo was shot at 10:00 AM in the morning. Usually, you’ll see lots of tourists taking pictures.

You’ve never seen Dumbo empty like this

Streets in Dumbo

No matter which street in Dumbo I was walking, all I saw was a few runners, folks walking their dogs. On a regular day, Dumbo is full of life.

You’ve never seen Dumbo empty like this

The Piers in Dumbo

Most of the time when I come here I see couples taking engagement photos or people being amazed by the city in front of them. The piers in Dumbo are now empty.

You’ve never seen Dumbo empty like this

Subway stations in Dumbo

With only 13% of New Yorkers riding the subway, the train stations are still empty. You’ve never seen Dumbo empty like this

Brooklyn Bridge

I tend to make jokes about people walking the bridge during any weather conditions. The Brooklyn Bridge barely attracts anyone these days. People are staying at home. It’ll be very interesting to see how life in NYC after coronavirus will be like.

You’ve never seen Dumbo empty like this

Video from an empty Dumbo, Brooklyn

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