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The Lower East Side or better know as LES is a growing neighborhood in NYC with a lot of history. There’s a certain vibe within this neighborhood and the restaurants in the area reflect that. One restaurant we checked out when we visited the premises was Dudley’s LES. This restaurant is located on the corner of Orchard and Broome St. and is down the block from the Tenement Museum.

Atmosphere and Meal at Dudley’s LES

Dudley’s LES is a pretty small restaurant but is located in a prime spot in the LES. It’s just walking distance from museums, clubs, and shops. It’s also near a couple of hotels which are down the block from the restaurant such as The Ludlow Hotel. You’ll notice the blue walls so it’s not hard to miss it. When you enter Dudley’s you’ll notice their bar as well. Inside the restaurant there’s limited seating so it’s best to go in early or right before lunch.

We decided to stop by for a quick breakfast and had their avocado toast which was really good. We also had their “Big Breakie” which consisted of your typical American breakfast items such as eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. Their portion sizes was fairly decent as well. It also included baked beans and mushrooms as well which was a nice touch. Overall, the food was decent but not anything special. On the plus side, the ingredients did taste very fresh and of high quality which is always great.

If yout want to learn more about Dudley’s LES, please visit their website here.

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