Cocktail Bar Double Chicken Please

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The Double Chicken Please is a cocktail bar & restaurant in the Lower East Side and definitely worth a visit. The cocktails are incredibly tasty, creative and you’ll love the atmosphere too. Their specialty is cocktails that are inspired by dishes – so there are cocktails like Cold Pizza, Key Lime Pie or Japanese Cold Noodle.

It’s just a few blocks from the famous Katz’s Delicatessen and my favorite bar, Fools Gold NYC – you should check those out too if you’re on the Lower East Side!

Front Room + Back Room

The location has two areas: the Front Room has regularly changing cocktails on tap (“taptails”), shots and, among other things, their famous chicken sandwich in three variations, including a vegan option.

The interior of the Back Room is very atmospheric and intimate, there is a wide selection of cocktails, but you can also order wines and other drinks. The food menu is the same as the one in the Front Room.

If you are looking for a really good, creative cocktail bar in a great atmosphere, Double Chicken Please is your spot!


Mango Sticky Rice at Double Chicken Please
Mango Sticky Rice – Photo: Emmanuel Rosario
Japanese Cold Noodle Cocktail at Double Chicken Please
Japanese Cold Noodle Cocktail – Photo: Emmanuel Rosario


The Double Chicken Please spot was made famous by a YouTube video from EATER, which you can watch here.

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Photo: Emmanuel Rosario

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