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Because we love fried pizza!

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New York is home to many pizza places, which makes it even harder to filter out the best ones. Don Antonio was the first pizza restaurant in NYC that I went to and for me, it is still the best pizza in New York.

Don Antonio offers a great selection of Italian appetizers, salads, and a variety of white, red, and special pizzas. Whatever pizza you want, you find it here!

Everything on the menu is delicious, but the real reason why you should come to Don Antonio instead of other pizza places in New York is their fried pizza. Before coming here, I never knew fried pizza was even a thing although you can eat everything fried nowadays. Anyway, this pizza will change your world! Its taste is unique and if you’re into fried food, this is the place to go! I’d always recommend ordering a fried pizza, just because it’s so special to Don Antonio. My favorites menu items are the Arancini and their signature fried pizza “Montanara” containing their house-made Ciao tomato sauce, smoked buffalo mozzarella, and basil. Yummy!

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Don Antonio isn’t an upscale restaurant; it’s a small, local restaurant you can go to for any occasion. The location at 309 West 50th Street is my personal go-to before seeing a Broadway Show. It’s located in walking distance to Broadway shows like Moulin Rouge, Waitress, Wicked, The Book of Mormon, and a few others. The prices are extremely reasonable compared to average New York rates and the value you’re getting is great. Last time I went, we split rice balls, a salad and a pizza between the two of us for a total of under $40.

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