There’s an abundant amount of Japanese restaurants in the New York City area. From ramen to sushi spots, it feels like there’s one in every corner, so it can be pretty difficult to find one that really stands out. With that being said, DOMODOMO NYC is a Japanese restaurant that is unique and separates itself from the rest.

There are two locations. One is in NYC in Greenwich Village and the other is in Jersey City which opened in October 2019. We went to check out the restaurant and discovered why it was so special.


The restaurant has that minimalist ambiance which is actually very instagrammable. The furniture has very clean lines and features wooden textures which make it pleasing to the eyes. The wooden texture gives the space a very natural look as well.

As for the food, DOMODOMO is heavily influenced, at least what we’ve noticed, with Japanese cuisine. It’s actually a handroll bar which is very different from your typical maki rolls or nigiri sushi. A handroll has the seaweed on the outside but is not cut into smaller pieces as you would typically see for maki. However, if you’re not into handrolls, then they have nigiri as well.

Our Food at DOMODOMO

We checked out DOMODOMO for lunch and let’s just say that it was definitely a positive experience. We had their Spicy Smoked Pork Belly and their NY Strip from their lunch menu. It’s pretty much a bento box, but it comes with more food than your usual bento box.

For example, our lunch came with rice, two pieces of maki, a tuna tartare in an ice cream cone, chawanmushi (an egg custard), soup and a salad. That’s a lot of food but it was portioned out pretty evenly. The food was really good, but it can be overwhelming because we had no idea where to start.

Aside from our lunch sets, we also had salmon nigiri which was a nice addition.

Our Overall Experience

All in all, DOMODOMO is an exceptional restaurant. However, it’s definitely not a place where we see ourselves going back to often. We see it as a cool date spot or even a restaurant for a special occasion.

Oh, also one cool thing that we noticed is that the restaurant doesn’t “accept tips”. The tip is already calculated into the menu prices. For more information, please visit their website here.

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