The Dominican Day Parade 2024 in NYC – The Complete Guide

Get ready to celebrate all things Dominicans because the official Dominican Day Parade is back! This celebration, which aims to uplift, empower, and elevate the Dominican community in New York – and around the world – is one of New York City’s most iconic parades.

After some COVID-impacted events, including a virtual Dominican Day Parade in 2020 and a hybrid event in 2021, the full parade is back this August. Wondering when the Dominican Day Parade is and how you can take part? Read on!

What Is The Dominican Day Parade?

The Dominican Day Parade is an annual celebration of Dominican culture, heritage, and the community’s contribution to New York City. Making up about 14% of the population, Dominicans are an essential part of New York’s fabric.

These parades feature music, dancing, and often over 10,000 participants in a colorful, energetic celebration of the accomplishments Dominicans have had not just in the US, but all over the world.

More than a beautiful celebration of one of New York’s most historic communities, the parade also plays a vital part in celebrating their community by raising over a million dollars in scholarships for local students.

When Is The Dominican Day Parade?

New York’s Dominican Day Parade takes place on August 11th, 2024.

In honor of the war for Dominican independence from Spain, the Dominican Day Parade’s celebration of Dominican culture takes place on the second Saturday in August. That war, La Guerra de la Restauracion, began on August 16th, 1863, and lasted until March 3rd, 1865.

Where To Celebrate the Dominican Day Parade

Each year, the Dominican Day Parade is held on 6th Avenue. The parade begins at noon at 38th Street, then heads north to 56th street where it finishes around 4pm.

The celebration continues in the Washington Heights area with concerts, food, celebrations, and more.

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