Day Sail to Statue of Liberty

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This sailing tour is one of the most enjoyable boat tours I’ve ever done in New York City! On board this 105-foot schooner, you sail from the Chelsea Piers to the Statue of Liberty and can always see the beautiful skyline of Manhattan and New Jersey. Included in the price is a drink — and it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun. 

One thing to note in advance: you don’t have to sail yourself! A crew of four to five people steers the ship and hoists the sails.

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Route and highlights of the sailing tour to the Statue of Liberty

We started at Pier 62, Chelsea Piers, not far from Hudson Yards. This is where several of my favorite cruises depart (including the amazing evening sailing tour, the Champagne City Lights Cruise, and the architecture boat tour around Manhattan Island). Sharan was the skipper again; we already knew each other from Sunset Sail!

After you’re on the Hudson River, the route takes you toward the southern tip of Manhattan with the One World Trade Center overlooking everything. On the way there, as you can see from my pictures, you have all the important skyscrapers in view — starting with The Edge over the new Summit One Vanderbilt, the Empire State Building, and the One World Trade Center.

Do you want to see pure happiness?

I think a picture says more than 1,000 words: Christian sent me the photo because he was so excited about the tour! He was even lucky enough to be allowed to sail the America 2.0 a bit up the Hudson River as the owner of a sailing license. I get goose bumps right back when I see the photo (his wife took the picture)!

Day Sail to Statue of Liberty Christian Ehrke
Christian as captain for a couple of minutes, to the right: Shannon, the captain. Photo: Inés Ehrke

After about 45 minutes, you have reached Battery Park and the harbor between Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Another 10 minutes, and you are face-to-face with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. From here, you head back all the way up to the Hudson Yards. In total, the boat tour takes about two hours — and I more than enjoyed every minute of it!

Impressions from the sailing tour

The Shooter America 2.0

Quite different from the classic sightseeing ships, the America 2.0 is a wooden schooner with an amazing charm. By the way, the ship next to it, Adirondack, is the boat on which you can do the same tour in the evening. I have also done this sunset sailing trip and was really excited — check out my review on the sailing tour to the Statue of Liberty at sunset!

Day Sail to Statue of Liberty Shooter America 2.0

Steffen Kneist Loving New York

My conclusion

If the weather is great and you are looking for a really special boat tour in New York City, then there is hardly anything better than this day sailing trip to the Statue of Liberty. The first drink is included, the atmosphere is relaxed, and you are on board a ship that is not at all like the classic tourist boats. It’s just really nice!


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