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When it comes to the best Negroni in town, there’s hardly any way around Dante NYC. They are a New York institution and have been serving their Negroni since 1915 (it’s an Italian restaurant with a small bar). You’ll find it on the corner of Greenwich Village, SoHo and Hudson Square – it’s where we go super often when we’re in New York.

Impressions from Bar Dante NYC

Dante NYC looks super-stylish and you will feel right at home when you enter. It is somehow a successful mix of an oldschool bar from Italy and New York, wonderful!

I tried two Negronis here at once: the Negroni on Tap had me interested because I’ve never seen anything like it on a menu (something similar was “Sangria on Tap” at Tia Pol in Chelsea (awesome!!)) – and it was really good!


Also recommended: the Old Pal.


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