7 photos of NYC’s busiest places that are now completely empty

Photos of New York City during Corona

The change of our lives in New York City came pretty unexpectedly, drastic and is now taking over our daily routines. The city that supposedly never sleeps is now sleeping. The effects of the novel coronavirus in New York are tremendous, and New Yorkers are shocked in every way.  

Almost everyone right now is working from home. New York City attractions are officially closed, restaurants are only doing take-outs and/or delivery, and the gyms are closed. The subways are empty and the streets look like its a long-lasting holiday weekend but worse because many tourists left town. Our photographer, Selwyn went into Manhattan yesterday and captured some of the busiest places in Manhattan that are now completely empty.

If you need assistance or information about the coronavirus in New York City, please check out this article.

Times Square

On a normal day, 330.000 visitors pass through Times Square. These were the people on Times Square yesterday afternoon.

Empty Times Square

The NYC Subway

The MTA recorded 60% fewer subway riders on Monday this week. On a regular day in New York, 4.3 Million people ride the NYC subway.

Subway Stations during Corona Virus

Grand Central Terminal

Every day, more than 750,000 people pass through Grand Central. Right now the famous train station in Midtown Manhattan looks almost abandoned.

Corona in New York

Bryant Park

As one of the most popular places for lunch breaks and hangouts in Midtown, Bryant Park is now empty.

7 photos of NYC’s busiest places that are now completely empty

Shopping in New York

While Apple was one of the first retailers that announced its official closing due to the coronavirus, many others followed their lead. Now, most malls and shops, especially non-essential stores are closed.

7 photos of NYC’s busiest places that are now completely empty

The streets of New York City

Who would think while looking at this photo that this city has a population of more than 8 million people? Most New Yorkers have followed the restrictions and are now staying home.

Corona in New York

Restaurants in New York City

As many restaurants are only offering take out or delivery, some of them are already closed for good.

restaurants during corona in nyc

It’ll be interesting to see what life in NYC will be like after coronavirus once the city starts to open up again.

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