Chobani Yogurt Bar in SoHo

Chobani's in SoHo

In this beautiful area around SOHO I’ve found a quiet special bar: it’s a yogurt bar. At the Chobani Yogurt Bar in SoHo you will find fresh mediterranean greek yogurt which you can choose individually from the wide menu selection. There is also a great offering of coffee, soups and desserts .The perfect snack during your walk in the Soho area.

Not just for fans of yogurt a really good place to go.

I’m talking about  „Chobani SoHo“. Here you will find everything is organic and natural. The outside of the bar makes an authentic impression. Everything seems to be really natural and simple. As one of the most famous yogurt companies in the US one of the main parts of their philosophy is that YOU CAN’T BEAT NATURAL INGREDIENTS, so they don’t try to. Chobani SoHo lets their Greek yogurt take center stage, in their one-of-a-kind mediterranean yogurt bar. They offer carefully selected menu options such as Greek yogurt creations made from hand-selected, artisanal ingredients. It is very easy to order your yogurt : just tell the guy in front of the bar what you want, he writes everything in his Ipad, asks you for your name and like we know it from Starbucks for example, they will call your name when your order is ready. While waiting for your yogurt creation you can watch them through the glass walls of the kitchen to see what comes on your plate.Chobani_SoHo

Fresh ingredients combined with great recipes.

Chobani is always well-attended. But they make sure that every single yogurt creation gets their full attention to come up to scratch of Chobani. Even if you won’t stay to eat at Chobani you will receive a stylish Chobani glass in which your yogurt is served. You can take it home for free. I must confess, I have a wide collection of Chobani glasses at home because of that. But most of the New Yorkers stay there and enjoy the good vibe at Chobani. You are invited to sit in front of the huge windows, or just stay around a massive wooden table. All recipes that are offered at Chobani are free for you to take home as well. I really must say, that it makes it a lot of fun and by doing so you take also a little bit of New York and the the Chobani lifestyle with you.

My conclusion: When you visit Chobani in SoHo you become a part of the Chobani mentality. It’s not only super delicious, but also an alternative to other cafés in New York City. I cannot pass by without stopping in when I’m in SoHo.


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