Cecconi’s DUMBO

DUMBO in Brooklyn is one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in the city. So much has changed in recent years, that the area below the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge has become increasingly popular. Many new restaurants, hotels and rooftop bars have made the area their home. One of them is the Italian restaurant Cecconi’s.

Cecconi’s Restaurant Atmosphere

Cecconi’s DUMBO is a well-known restaurant chain and therefore has restaurants around the world such as London, Barcelona and ​​Miami. The restaurant in DUMBO, Brooklyn right next to the East River, has an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline and both the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. Many locals come here to enjoy the unique ambience.

Cecconi’s Dumbo: Is it Worth it?

The first-class Italian restaurant serves brunch, lunch and dinner and usually has a good amount of customers. Definitely Consider making a reservation especially on warm summer days. The area can get packed with tourists and locals. The food is a little pricey, so obviously we want to make sure it’s worthwhile. Pizza is around $22 and their steak is around $42. At Cecconi’s DUMBO a lot of value is placed on quality, but in this situation you pay for the location and view. For us we had lunch at Cecconi’s DUMBO. We had their fried calamari which was cooked to perfection, but wasn’t really seasoned with anything. Their ravioli dish served with parmigiano, mushroom and sage was delightful. The chicken was also great as well.

Everything was perfect. The service was friendly and overall we had a great time at Cecconi’s. This restaurant is the perfect place for a perfect date or a birthday celebration. The ambiance is just amazing. By the way, during the winter we recommend the bar in the restaurant.

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