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Chef Ryan Butler is a Michelin star pastry chef and is known for running the popular Butler cafe in Williamsburg. Recently, Chef Butler expanded the cafe to DUMBO which is situated right next to the Timeout Market. Butler is popular among the locals and tourists alike. It has garnered press from The New York Times, Highsnobiety, Crain’s and many other media outlets. We decided to check out this amazing cafe in DUMBO which is great for breakfast or even for just a quick coffee stop.

Michelin Star Quality Products

Butler in DUMBO, Brooklyn has a clean aesthetic that perfectly matches the atmosphere of the neighborhood. Quality ingredients are a must and it truly shows in the food that’s offered here. When we stopped in for breakfast, we decided to get their acai bowl, avocado toast, and the house breakfast sandwich.

Their acai bowl is very well put together. It contains seasonal fruit, pistachios, raw cacao, and coconut. We appreciate acai bowls with a crunch factor, and this did the job.

The avocado toast was delicious as well. Kalamansi lime, feta, basil, and sourdough bread definitely brought the flavors together.

Last but not least, we had their breakfast sandwich. The brioche was homemade and was topped with hand-cut bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese and to top it all off, a dash of truffle aioli.

Overall, Butler in DUMBO was a great experience and is worth revisiting. For more information, please visit their website here.

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