Butcher Bar Astoria

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15. October 2018
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When the word barbeque pops up, people often think about Texas. If you happen to be in Astoria, Queens in NYC, make sure to check out Butcher Bar Astoria. The restaurant originally started out as a butcher shop. With an increase in popularity, Butcher Bar was born and turned into a popular restaurant in Astoria. Their barbeque is exceptional and is some of the best we’ve had so far in NYC. It’s best to go during the weekdays as it tends to get pretty busy on the weekends. It’s that popular and the food portion is quite large, exactly how BBQ should be.

Butcher Bar Astoria: Our Dinner

Butcher Bar Astoria prides itself on offering good, high quality meat. The meet they serve pasture raised and non-hormone and non-antibiotic products which leads to great results. We had three of their plates during dinner service. We tried out their Butcher’s Platter which comes with three 1/4 lb. choices of meat and 2 sides. It automatically comes with 2 pieces of cornbread and coleslaw. This platter can easily feed 2 people. We also tried their PBLT sandwich which is pork belly, lettuce and tomato. This comes with coleslaw and pickles. The last plate we had was their veggie burger. The portion sizes were pretty generous compared to other restaurants in NYC. The food was amazing and everyone had leftovers that they took home.

Overall, Butcher Bar Astoria serves, in our opinion, some of the best BBQ in NYC. Their high-quality meats and pretty generous portions is very popular to the guests, especially the locals that live in the area. In warm weather, the restaurant provides outside seating as well. As a plus, BBQ is best served with beer, so their beer menu is also exceptional. If you want to learn more about the restaurant, please visit their website here.

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