The Brooklyn Marathon 2024: EVERYTHING you need to know

The marathon in New York is one of the most famous and popular long-distance races in the world and attracts many New Yorkers and visitors to the city every year. And since 2022, Brooklyn has its own (half) marathon!

This means that New York has two different races over a distance of 42.195 kilometers to offer. The Brooklyn Marathon takes place in the spring, which is more interesting for the participants (btw: respect!), the New York Marathon starts in November, when it can be much colder.

Brooklyn Marathon Map

The marathon starts in McCarren Park in Williamsburg and then follows the East River to the Brooklyn Bridge – from there it goes further and further south: through Prospect Park, past Green-Wood Cemetery, and along Ocean Parkway to Brighton Beach. From here the runners head back to Prospect Park, where the finish line is.

The first part of the run to Prospect Park is exactly the distance for the participants of the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

You can see the route on a map here.

When does the Brooklyn Marathon take place?

The next half marathon in Brooklyn will take place on April 28, 2024.

Where is the best place to watch the runners?

You can get a great view of the runners of the Brooklyn Marathon from the big bridges that connect Manhattan with Brooklyn: the Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. A really good atmosphere also awaits you in Prospect Park, where they pass by twice.

Where can I register for the Brooklyn Marathon?

The best way to register for the Brooklyn Marathon is via the website The entry fees depend on how far in advance you book or can book the tickets.

Starting at $150 for the Early Bird tickets, if you book earlier, the price can go up to $220.

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