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Brooklyn Crab is a real insider spot, which you can reach within 20 minutes from Manhattan on the IKEA Ferry. The seafood is sensational, you can sit indoors or outdoors and if you stay long enough you can enjoy the sunset over the Statue of Liberty.

The trip to Brooklyn Crab takes you on the IKEA ferry, from Pier 16 on the East River, past Governors Island, to IKEA in Brooklyn (not surprising, right?). The ride takes just under 20 minutes and costs five dollars per person. You can buy tickets either directly on site at the counter, or conveniently via app.

Once you arrive at IKEA in Red Hook, it’s only half a mile to your destination: take two lefts and you’ll be in front of Hometown BBQ, and then turn right once and you’ll see a two-story building: Brooklyn Crab!

Simple, straightforward and good!

You won’t find a lot of bells and whistles. It’s a relatively simple building style, but there’s a neat vintage car in front of the door that just fits into a picture Inside, you can expect a real Southern atmosphere.The downstairs area consists of a small bar with seating for 15, while the seafood restaurant is one floor up. In the summer, all the side walls can be opened up like garage doors; we were there in November so of course they were closed.

Our choice was the “Brooklyn Crab for Two” special, which had a little bit of everything: a variety of crabs, of course, along with lobster and classic sides like corn, house-made cole slaw and melted butter. You can choose between Brooklyn Style and Cajun Style (also known as Creole cuisine). And if you can’t decide (like us), you can have both. My highlight was the collection of chili sauces, all carefully lined up in the middle of the restaurant. We had a local beer from Red Hook with our meal; we love the Indian Pale Ales from Sixpoint Brewery.

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Sunset & Statue of Liberty

The best thing about our trip to Brooklyn Crab (besides the food) was watching the sunset with an impressive view of the Statue of Liberty.

You definitely have to go to Brooklyn Crab. It’s a real insider spot and you’re guaranteed to have a great time here!

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