Broadway Shows Opening Soon: The COMPLETE List 2024

Looking for tickets to upcoming Broadway shows? Then you’ve come to the right place! I’ll show you the latest Broadway shows and all the musicals premiering soon here.

If smaller theaters excite you, you should check out the Off-Broadway shows. For more new musicals, check out the Off-Broadway shows opening soon.

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  1. 01 The Notebook (from March 14, 2024)

    Allie and Noah, hailing from disparate backgrounds, defy the odds to nurture a profound love that withstands the relentless challenges seeking to drive them apart. Based on a bestselling novel with a global readership of millions and a cinematic masterpiece that ranks among the highest-grossing romantic dramas ever, the Broadway rendition of Nicholas Sparks’s The Notebook graces the stage. Following its resounding success during a world premiere run at Chicago Shakespeare Theater in the autumn of 2022, this musical adaptation promises to captivate audiences with its poignant narrative and heartfelt performances.

  2. 02 Water for Elephants (from March 21, 2024)

    Experience the enchanting world of Water For Elephants, the beloved bestselling novel, now transformed into a mesmerizing Broadway musical. This spectacular show tells the tale of a young man who, after a devastating loss, takes a leap of faith by hopping onto a moving train and embarking on a journey filled with uncertainty. His path leads him to an extraordinary circus family, offering him a new home and a love that defies imagination. Narrated through the lens of his older self, this adventure serves as a poignant reminder that life’s grand journey can be embraced at any age.

    Directed by Tony Award nominee Jessica Stone and featuring a book by three-time Tony nominee Rick Elice, adapted from Sara Gruen’s beloved novel, and a soaring score by the acclaimed PigPen Theatre Co., Water For Elephants combines innovative stagecraft with the finest talents of Broadway. This authentic and profoundly touching musical invites audiences to embrace the mysteries of life and surrender to the captivating unknown.

  3. 03 The Who's Tommy (from March 28, 2024)

    Myth and grandeur entwine in The Who’s electrifying 1969 rock opera, Tommy, featuring timeless classics like “I’m Free,” “See Me, Feel Me,” “Sensation,” and “Pinball Wizard.” Following the traumatic incident of witnessing his father confront a rival, young Tommy Walker becomes lost in an endless world of self-reflection, gazing into the mirror with an unrelenting obsession. His remarkable talent for pinball propels him from a timid adolescent into the spotlight as a celebrated savior.

  4. 04 The Outsiders (opening April 11, 2024)

    Set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1967, the resolute spirits and pained hearts of Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, and their close-knit group of “outsiders” grapple with the challenges of survival and the pursuit of meaning in a world that may forever view them as outsiders. This compelling new musical revives the enduring narrative of camaraderie among brothers and the aspirations we all cling to. It breathes fresh life into the timeless story of societal divisions, defending one’s possessions, and the relentless struggle for a brighter future.

  5. 05 Lempicka (opening April 14, 2024)

    Lempicka, one of the world’s most celebrated artists, is set to grace the grandest stage on Broadway after receiving critical acclaim and selling out shows at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and the La Jolla Playhouse. Directed by the Tony Award®-winning director of Hadestown and featuring Eden Espinosa, a New York Times Critics Pick, this musical is a sweeping portrayal of a trailblazing woman who left an indelible mark on art and culture.

    Unfolding across decades of both personal and political upheaval and accompanied by an exhilarating, pop-infused musical score, Lempicka fearlessly delves into the complexities of a world in turmoil, a woman who defied her time, and an artist whose legacy is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

  6. 06 The Wiz (opening April 17, 2024)

    Take a look around, there’s cause for celebration! The Tony Award®-winning Best Musical that captivated audiences worldwide is making its triumphant return. Inspired by L. Frank Baum’s beloved children’s book, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” “The Wiz” is back on the American stage with a fresh adaptation.

  7. 07 Suffs (opening April 18, 2024)

    After a sold-out, extended run at The Public Theater, “Suffs” is set to arrive on Broadway in spring, and the timing couldn’t be better. Created by the visionary Shaina Taub, this “remarkable, epic new musical” (Variety) fearlessly delves into the triumphs and setbacks of an ongoing struggle for equality.

    Set in 1913, during a fervent period of the women’s movement in America, the story revolves around the suffragists, or “Suffs” as they call themselves, and their relentless quest for the right to vote. Overcoming generational, racial, and class barriers, these remarkable yet imperfect women entertain and inspire us with their hard-fought victory in an enduring battle. As we reflect on the progress made since the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment more than a century ago, “Suffs” reminds us that sometimes, we must look back to fearlessly forge ahead into the future.

  8. 08 Hell's Kitchen (from April 20, 2024)

    In a vibrant metropolis where the city’s pulse becomes music, where every street corner conceals a tale, and every window frames a mesmerizing view, lies Hell’s Kitchen. This is the backdrop for a fresh Broadway musical, created by the 15-time Grammy Award-winning artist Alicia Keys, set to breathe new life into the heart of the theater district. It’s a story where a young woman can step out of her apartment and discover the world, where the essence of Hell’s Kitchen promises to redefine the Broadway experience.

  9. 09 Cabaret (opening April 21, 2024)

    Welcome. Bienvenue. Welcome to the captivating embrace of the Kit Kat Club. Prepare for an electrifying and intimate rendition of Cabaret that promises to redefine your experience of this groundbreaking musical.

    Within the August Wilson Theatre, the Kit Kat Club stands as a decadent haven, where a diverse community of artists, performers, and nonconformists reigns supreme. Immerse yourself in their world, the vibrant heart of Berlin. Here, you can let loose, unwind, and truly be yourself.

    This spring, the hottest ticket in London graces Broadway, with the acclaimed Academy and Tony Award-winning Eddie Redmayne returning to embody the Emcee, alongside the introduction of Gayle Rankin as the mesmerizing Sally Bowles, the toast of Mayfair.

  10. 10 Mary Jane (opening April 23, 2024)

    Immersive, touching, and filled with empathy, Mary Jane unveils the life of a single mother navigating an extraordinary family predicament. Confronted by seemingly insurmountable challenges, Mary Jane harnesses unwavering hope and humor, drawing strength from the women who have become her surrogate family. Together, they face each new day with resilience, but will their inner fortitude and newfound bonds be enough to guide them through? 

    The New York Times lauds Mary Jane as “the most profound of Herzog’s many outstanding plays,” while The New Yorker raves, “beautiful and remarkable… Herzog has crafted a radiant piece of theater.”

  11. 11 Uncle Vanya (opening April 24, 2024)

    Sonya and her uncle Vanya have dedicated their lives to tending the family farm in seclusion. However, when her renowned but ailing father and his charismatic wife move in, their tranquil existence is disrupted. As the summer heat intensifies, unexpected love affairs, long-buried desires, and lingering resentments come to the fore, compelling the family to confront the specters of their unrealized dreams.

    Director Lila Neugebauer (known for The Waverly Gallery and The Wolves) collaborates with playwright Heidi Schreck (renowned for What the Constitution Means to Me) in the premiere of this Lincoln Center Theater production of Uncle Vanya. This rendition combines Anton Chekhov’s enduring classic with the artistry of one of America’s most acclaimed contemporary playwrights, offering a remarkably immediate new interpretation.

  12. 12 The Heart of Rock and Roll (opening April 24, 2024)

    A lively romantic comedy infused with the sheer joy of music, The Heart of Rock and Roll follows the journey of two individuals in their thirties who were confident about their life goals until they crossed paths. Discovering each other, they realize that finding love might require “The Power of Love” and a little assistance from their friends. Packed with chart-topping hits by Huey Lewis, including “Workin’ For A Livin’,” “Stuck With You,” and “If This Is It,” this is Broadway’s latest uplifting musical experience.

  13. 13 Mother Play (opening April 25, 2024)

    Set in 1962, right outside of D.C., Phyllis, the family matriarch, is overseeing the move of her teenage children, Carl and Martha, to a new apartment. With firm convictions about their future success, Phyllis expects her children to adhere to her vision. Fueled by gin and cigarettes, the family navigates the evolving world around them. This captivating theatrical experience combines imaginative theatricality, surreal humor, and profound tenderness, offering a poignant journey that unveils enduring truths about love, family, and forgiveness.

  14. 14 The Great Gatsby (opening April 25, 2024)

    Step into the lavish world of the 1920s as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic American novel comes to life on the grandest American stage. Featuring Jeremy Jordan (known for Newsies) as the enigmatic millionaire Jay Gatsby and Eva Noblezada (renowned from Hadestown) as the enigmatic Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby makes its Broadway debut following a record-breaking, sold-out run at the Paper Mill Playhouse. 

    Helmed by director Marc Bruni (of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical fame), this tale of opulence and desire boasts choreography by Dominique Kelley (of So You Think You Can Dance), a script by Kait Kerrigan (from The Mad Ones), and an original score infused with jazz and pop sensibilities by Jason Howland (known for Little Women) and Nathan Tysen (of Paradise Square). Don’t miss out on the extravaganza—secure your tickets now for the musical that The New York Times hails as “sumptuous, enchanting, and stunning!”

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