Bread & Spread Sandwich Shop

This relatively low-key spot in DUMBO (we walked past it about three times) is an absolute insider-tip. With just four seats and more of a stand than a cafe atmosphere, this sandwich shop in DUMBO is just the perfect place for a quick bite.

Lunch service starts at 11am. Chef John Coppola opened Bread and Spread in 2014 and has been part of the Dumbo gastro scene ever since. The menu only includes sandwiches made exclusively from locally sourced ingredients. Everything is fresh and prepared with love. We chose the egg sandwich with arugula and bacon.

A Low-Key but Delicious Sandwich Shop in DUMBO

Take a walk through the hip area, DUMBO in Brooklyn and be sure to check out Bread & Spread. Grab a sandwich here and go relax by the East River which is just 5 minutes away. By the way, you can find Bread & Spread at DeKalb Market Hall in Brooklyn. Click here for the menu.

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