Black Tap NYC Milkshakes (and Burgers)

The Best Place for Burgers and Crazy Shakes

There are so many burger joints in New York City that it can be really difficult to choose which ones to try. You have Shake Shack, which is arguably the most popular chain and then many other ones with their own niche. A great burger spot is Black Tap NYC but it is also one of the hottest spots when it comes to milkshakes in New York. If you’re into social media, their shakes are perfect for Instagram posts because it’s colorful.

Black Tap NYC milkshakes made this restaurant rise to popularity. Their crazy shakes are the reason for the long lines in front of Black Tap NYC. We went to the one in SoHo on Broome Street right when it opened at 11AM. We wanted to find out what the deal was with their milkshakes.

Crazy Milkshakes and of Course Your Classics

There is a wide selection of crazy shakes as well and has your classic milkshakes at the restaurant. Black Tap NYC has a pretty good menu that ranges from burgers to salads as well. If you’re not a milkshake fan, there’s no need to worry since there’s beer on tap.

For Black Tap NYC milkshakes we ordered their Bam Bam milkshake which was loaded with Fruity Pebbles and other sugary items and your classic strawberry milkshake. To accompany our shakes we had the American Classic Burger and Burger Salad. The food was good, the milkshakes were better. Just to give you a heads up, we weren’t able to finish the milkshakes because the portion size is pretty big. In New York, Black Tap has 3 locations. There’s one in MidtownLower East Side and in SoHo (where we went.)

The Perfect Instagram Photo

Black Tap NYC is usually full.  We recommend that you go right when the restaurant is scheduled to open for milkshakes and burgers. You can possibly wait in line for up to an hour during certain times. Their milkshake is one of NYC’s tastiest and is picture perfect for your social media channel. Black Tap also has one of the strongest social media presence in the restaurant scene in New York with over 300K followers. For more information, click here for their website.

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