How To Celebrate Black Business Month In NYC

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Looking for how to support Black businesses in NYC? Traveling to New York in August and want to help celebrate Black Business Month? In addition to Black History Month in February, August’s Black Business Month is another important time to raise the profiles again of Black-owned businesses throughout the country.

In fact, New York City is the ideal place to celebrate this important moment for Black entrepreneurs. With a population that’s more than 20% Black and a growing number of minority-owned businesses, supporting Black-owned businesses in New York is a beneficial way to connect your travels to the fabric and community of each of the city’s neighborhoods.

With a wide range of businesses – including book stores, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and more – spread across each of the five boroughs, this August is the right time to support Black-owned businesses in NYC.

What Is Black Business Month?

Black Business Month was officially founded in 2014 by Frederick E. Jordan and John William Templeton as a way to uplift Black business owners in the US. This annual celebration is part of a long history of Black business owners striving for equality. Notable moments in that history include Booker T. Washington supporting Black entrepreneurs by founding the National Negro Business League (then renamed to the National Business League). The founding of Black Wall Street, a prosperous business district in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the 1920s, also represented the potential of communities coming together. And one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Reginald Lewis, founded TLC International Holdings, making him the first African-American with a billion-dollar company.

Black Business Month NYC is about highlighting this entrepreneurial community and making sure more Black-owned businesses can reach those levels of success.

When Is Black Business Month Celebrated In New York?

Black Business Month starts on Monday, August 1st, 2022. It is celebrated throughout August as a time to support and appreciate Black-owned businesses.

How To Support Black Business In NYC

Supporting Black-owned businesses in NYC is a great way to use your trip to connect with the communities that make up fully 1/5th of the city. These entrepreneurs are pillars of those communities, using Black entrepreneurship to support their families and their cities.

By taking the time to seek out and support Black business owners in New York City, you get to contribute to that community, too.

So, how can you support Black-owned businesses in NYC? There are a few key ways even a short visit to New York can be impactful. Try the following steps on your next visit to New York:

  • Financial Support – Using directories to find Black businesses in NYC, you can add a visit to a local restaurant, bar, or shop to your visit. Check out below to see lists of Black-owned businesses in each of the boroughs.
  • Social Support – During your visit, use your favorite social media network to give a Black-owned business a shout-out. By highlighting the people behind the business, you’ll help your own network understand more deeply the businesses you’re visiting. You never know just how it might inspire someone else’s trip.
  • Leave Feedback – One of the best ways to help any business grow is to leave a positive review on the business’s online profile. This will help other tourists find their establishment and help them have a long, successful business. While social media is important, leaving thoughtful, detailed reviews will help reach other travelers that may not be in your immediate network.

Where To Celebrate Black Business Month NYC In Each Borough

New York is a great place to celebrate Black Business Month. As the city with the most Black-owned businesses in the country, there are plenty of opportunities and people to support.

Still, while Black individuals make up about 1/5th of New York City, recent statistics say they own just 2% of the businesses. Supporting those businesses and enabling them to flourish will help create a path for others to follow. To help you find Black-owned businesses to support on your next trip, we’re sharing resources that highlight the best in each borough.

Shop Black-Owned Businesses in Brooklyn

Are you heading to Brooklyn during your next NYC visit? Then take a look at Black-Owned Brooklyn to get a comprehensive breakdown of Black-owned businesses in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn New York

Founded by husband and wife Tayo Giwa and Cynthia Gordy Giwa, this publication features a whole spectrum of Black-owned businesses in Brooklyn. This includes categories centered around Food and Drink, History and Culture, Home and Design, Style and Beauty, Health and Wellness, and more.

For a great introduction to the people behind the businesses, dive into Black-Owned Brooklyn’s Stories.

Check Out Black-Owned Businesses in Queens

Did you know that Black-owned businesses have increased by 44% in Queens? Come visit the borough and you’ll be able to see this boom for yourself.

To get an idea of where to go, start with this Queens Chamber of Commerce list of Six Black-Owned Businesses in Queens. From theaters and candles to jewelry, coffee, and restaurants, there’s plenty to indulge in for a full day supporting Black-owned businesses in Queens.

Find Black-Owned Businesses in Staten Island

Hop on the free ferry to Staten Island and check out some of the area’s best Black-owned businesses. Recently, the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce put together a showcase and comprehensive list of local Black-owned businesses.

Staten Island New York

Want to spend the afternoon swinging by a pub, grabbing a plate of soul food, and treating yourself to a salon visit? With a trip to Staten Island, you can do all that while supporting Black-owned businesses in NYC.

Support Black-Owned Businesses in the Bronx

Staying in the Bronx? There are plenty of interesting Black-owned businesses to check out and support.

Bronx New York

From a made-in-the-Bronx backpacking brand and single-origin chocolate shop to brunch, Jamaican cuisine, and vegan snacks, the Bronx has an inspiring mix of shops, entrepreneurial activities, flavors, and more.

Support Black-Owned Businesses in Manhattan

No trip to NYC is complete without time spent in Manhattan. If you’re coming to New York during August, you can participate in Black Business Month by grabbing new outfits, picking up your next great read, indulging in desserts, and more.

This list of NYC Black-Owned Businesses will give you a great jumping-off point for ways to support Black-owned businesses in NYC.

In addition to starting with awesome suggestions for Manhattan, it also includes a breakdown of each of the other boroughs so you can find local entrepreneurs to support throughout your whole vacation.

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