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One of the cutest cafés in New York

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Bibble & Sip is a Bakery Café in Midtown Manhattan. I stumbled upon the café before heading to Moulin Rouge and really enjoyed the dessert here.

This small, family-run café reminds of Japanese cafés. They offer different types of cream puffs, cakes, cookies, scones, pudding, and more. Everything is baked fresh daily and you surely can taste it. I went for the “Cookies and Cream”-puff which was super yummy and at the same time quite filling. Depending on the season, you’ll find an altered menu at Bibble & Sip, so I’m excited to go back and see the new items soon.

Their pastries look so good, they are all over Instagram. Bibble & Sip comes up with the cutest-looking pastries!

Besides pastries, you can order espresso drinks, coffee, tea, and cold brews. Choose whatever milk you prefer, whether it is almond, soy, or coconut. You can also add on a housemade jumbo marshmallow to your drink! All drinks (and the pastries) are around $5. I will surely be back to try one of their specialty drinks. It will be hard to decide between their lavender latte and matcha latte!


The entire café is alpaca-themed. Why? I don’t really know to be honest but it did have a hip look to it, making it a great place to take photos, have a trendy space to work/study or socialize with friends.

Overall, Bibble & Sip is a fun New York café that I’ll definitely go back to.

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