The 7 Best Whiskey Bars in NYC

Neat, with water, or on the rocks?

What better way to end an exciting day in the city than with a glass of whiskey? As it is always the case in New York, there is an overwhelming amount of options out there. So if you’re looking to enjoy your favorite spirit, check out the best whiskey bars in New York.

The 7 best Whiskey Bars in NYC

No matter if neat, with a splash of soda, or on the rocks, you are guaranteed to enjoy your whiskey if you decide to go to one of the best whiskey bars in New York. Even Mark Twain opined: “too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough”, so you may have to try all of them during your visit.

Best whiskey in new york

1. The Dead Rabbit (FiDi)

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog has always been a member of the best whiskey bars in New York. The bar is owned by Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, both of whom are well known in New York’s competitive bar scene. The selection of great Irish whiskeys at The Dead Rabbit is enormous! What we fell in love with at this particular whiskey bar is its unique furnishings. Coming here truly feels like traveling back to the 1900s.

Address: 30 Water St

2. Brandy Library (TriBeca)

Brandy Library made it onto our list of best whiskey bars in NYC thanks to its wide range of rare and distinctive whiskeys. The name “library” is a perfect moniker for this watering hole. More than 1,000 bottles decorate the whiskey bar, truly engendering the feel of a well-stocked library. Brandy Library is guaranteed to make a whiskey lover’s heart beat a little faster. To top the selection and decor, Brandy Library also hosts events to educate about bourbons, cognacs, and other spirits.

Address: 25 N Moore St

3. Angel’s Share (East Village)

The term “Angel’s Share” describes the percentage of whiskey that evaporates when the barrels are aged. If you like whiskey, you probably knew that already! We certainly love the name choice but we are also big fans of the spirits that are served here. This cozy hole-in-the-wall is tucked away behind a Japanese restaurant off the beaten path and is, therefore, one of our insider tips if you ask us about the best whiskey bars in New York.

Address: 8 Stuyvesant St

4. The Flatiron Room (Midtown)

Another great spot to enjoy a smooth drop of whiskey in NYC is the Flatiron Room, located very close to one of the city’s major attractions, the Empire State Building. Here, you can drink your whiskey while vibing to relaxing music. The Flatiron Room boasts 600 different types of whiskey for you to imbibe. Always ask the bartender for their recommendation. What we found unique about this whiskey bar is the “Bottle Keep” offer. Should you thoroughly enjoy one of the whiskeys served here, you have the option to buy the whole bottle. The bartenders will label and store it until your next visit.

Address: 37 W 26th St

5. On the Rocks (Hell’s Kitchen)

Compared to the Flatiron Room, On the Rocks’ selection of about 400 whiskeys may seem less impressive at first, but the merits of this bar’s quality should not be underestimated. It’s one of the best whiskey bars to go to if you are looking for some more exotic whiskey brands. The bartenders are renowned for their whiskey expertise and can act as your personal sommelier for scotch, bourbon, malt, or rye. The synergy of stellar service and exceptional liquors makes On the Rocks one of the best whiskey bars in New York.

Address: 696 10th Ave

6. Connolly’s Pub (Midtown)

Connolly’s Pub is an authentic, rustic Irish pub just like you would imagine. A nice-size bar with many colorful taps will spoil you with a local pub feel despite being surrounded by a big city. Steffen raves about this pub and stops by at least once during his visits to NYC.

Address: 121 W 45th St

7. Hudson Bar and Books (West Village)

Bar and Books has two locations in New York. Of the two, its location by the Hudson River is our favorite and we would be remiss if we did not include it on our list of best whiskey bars in New York. As you sit back in style while nursing your whiskey, you can also puff on a cigar at Bar and Books.

Address: 636 Hudson St

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