The 28 Best Tattoo Shops in NYC

Where can I get a tattoo in NYC?

Many people who come to New York City come here looking for a life-long memory. One great way to get that is to get a tattoo. Obviously, you want to go to the best tattoo shops in NYC. For a long time, the art of tattooing was completely forbidden in New York. So, where’s the best place to get a tattoo in New York today? How much does it actually cost? Will I need to make an appointment? These are just some of the questions that this article will answer.

The 28 Best Tattoo Shops in New York

Bang Bang Tattoo was especially known for its celebrity customers like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, several athletes, and actors. However, Bang Bang in New York City is of course not the only tattoo studio in New York that I can recommend. The city is home to the best tattoo studios in the world and there are plenty of them. These are my favorites.

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    Bang Bang Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in SoHo
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    Bang Bang in New York is by far the most famous studio in the city and employs a large number of very talented artists from around the world. They are personally selected by Keith “ Bang Bang ” McCurdy to work for him in the city. With a studio in Chinatown and one in SoHo, a team of around 30 artists works daily to create the best tattoos in New York City for their customers.

    Personally, I can highly recommend the artist Dez from Bang Bang. He is currently one of the hottest and best tattoo artists in New York City. Their social media following is strong with around 2 million fans following the studio on the Bang Bang NYC Instagram account.

    The advantage of Bang Bang tattoos is that each artist has their own style. While some only do realistic tattoos, others only work on lettering. Then, you have others that only do Sting portraits. With Bang Bang Tattoos you are safe. The studio is the cleanest and most hygienic studio in New York I’ve seen.

    In terms of price, however, it is also the most expensive. The prices depend on the tattoo artist. However, no one at Bang Bang works on your desired tattoo under $450 an hour. Even though with the high price-point, you can be guaranteed the quality of their work is top-notch. The best of the world work here, which can also be seen from the results of the work. Walk-ins are welcome. Otherwise, if you’re looking to book an appointment with a certain artist, the waiting time is about 4-8 months. Appointments can best be made by email, or directly on their site. 

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    Daredevil Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in Chinatown
    Tattoo Shops NYC
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    Daredevil Tattoo is right on the border of Chinatown and the Lower East Side. The tattoo studio in Manhattan opened in 1997 and has been an integral part of the New York tattoo scene ever since. Part of the tattoo studio in New York City is a tattoo museum, which can be visited for free.

    Here, you can also choose from different artists, whose specialties are as different as their tattoos themselves. The price of Daredevil Tattoo is around $200 an hour. Walk-ins are welcome. We suggest booking in advance. The waiting times for Daredevil tattoos are always relatively long. 

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    Red Baron Ink West

    Tattoo shop in West Village
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    Red Baron Ink was founded in the summer of 2012 by Grant Lubbock. He and his wife Giselle didn’t let the opinions of others stop them from following through with their plans. The two were from completely different worlds, which is still reflected in the team today. The Red Baron Ink team is made up of diverse artists from all over the world, all with one common goal: to create great art in the form of great tattoos.  Every customer who leaves the studio with a new tattoo should enjoy their unique work of art on their skin for a lifetime.

    The tattoo studio is located in the beautiful West Village, right on the border to Chelsea. From our own experience, we can say that every wish is taken care of and the artists are always striving to make their customers happy. With an hourly rate of $250, this studio isn’t inexpensive, but it’s all about tattoos that will be a lifetime decoration for your skin. You feel like you’re in good hands here & you’ll want to come back. This studio is an absolute recommendation!

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    East River Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in Greenpoint
    Tattoo Shops NYC
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    East River Tattoo was founded in Brooklyn’s hip Greenpoint neighborhood by Duke Riley in 2000. With a team of six highly talented artists, East River Tattoo specializes in historical tattoos of American history and maritime styles. Be sure to check out the Instagram account. They have about 90,000 followers and you can get a good impression of what exactly awaits you at this tattoo shop.

    Compared to other tattoo studios in New York, the East River Tattoo is also in the same price range of $200 to $400 for normal-sized tattoos. Here you should really be aware of their style and the style that you want. If your desired tattoo does not meet the ideas of the tattoo artist, there is a clear, but very friendly no. Walk-ins are also welcome here.

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    Fineline Tattoo

    Other Shopping in Lower East Side
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    Mike Bakaty, a veteran of the New York tattoo scene, who has unfortunately passed away, was already tattooing in his loft on the Lower East Side after retiring from the art scene. He was also one of the first to acquire his tattoo license in 1997. In fact, tattooing was banned in New York for 20 years. From 1961 to 1997 there were no official tattoo studios in New York.

    Today his son, Mehai, is tattooing on the Lower East Side and has taken over his father’s shop with five other tattoo artists. As the name Fineline Tattoo already suggests, his aesthetic is fine lines and first-class engraved tattoos. Fineline is one of the oldest tattoo studios in New York and you can get a tattoo here for around $100- $160 an hour. 

    The tattoo studio is located in apartment no. 3 inside the house. There is a number on the door that you need to dial. Mehai will then open the door for you!

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    Skin Design Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in SoHo
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    Skin Design Tattoos, led by the renowned artist Robert Pho, has become a global hub for tattoo enthusiasts and artists. In their spacious 4,000+ square foot studio, they offer a range of tattoo services, including photorealism, black and gray, portraits, color tattoos, Polynesian, Japanese, cover-ups, and even laser tattoo removal. Robert Pho, with over 25 years of experience, is celebrated for his expertise in gradient shading, realistic portraits, and fine-line black and gray work, earning him numerous awards and international recognition.

    In addition to studios in California, Nevada, and Hawaii, there are two studios in NYC:

    • 285 Lafayette St, SoHo – open daily 12 PM – 9 PM
    • 208 N 6th St Unit 1A, Brooklyn – open daily  12 PM – 8 PM
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    Kings Avenue Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in East Village
    Tattoo Shops NYC
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    Mike Rubendall founded Kings Avenue Tattoo in Long Island in 2005. Since then, this tattoo shop in New York has developed into one of the most famous and respected tattoo studios in NYC. Since 2011, Mike Rubendall opened a location in Nolita (close to SoHo) and the team continues to grow and grow. Similar to Bang Bang, tattoo artists from all over the world are flown in regularly to help out in the shop for a short time.

    Due to the size, the Kings Avenue Tattoo Studio in Manhattan gives you the opportunity to get exactly the tattoo you want. You are not stuck with a certain style, such as East River Tattoo Studio. The price in Kings Avenue is around $350 – $550 for a small tattoo. Walk-ins are significantly cheaper and are possible for $150.

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    Three Kings Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in East Village
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    Tattoo Shops NYC
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    If you are looking for a tattoo studio in New York, you will most likely see the name Three Kings Tattoo. With locations in the East Village, Long Island, Greenpoint, and even Los Angeles, Three Kings Tattoo is a great spot for high quality and really meaningful tattoos.

    Many of my friends got their tattoos at Three Kings in New York. They are known to be a little more expensive than other NYC tattoo studios, but definitely worth it. You get detailed advice and a really personal tattoo at Three Kings. They make their tattoos unique and isn’t copied from some template.

    Each tattoo is a work of art and a unique piece. Per hour you can expect to pay around  $100- $200 depending on the tattoo artist. Make sure to make your appointment here well in advance, as Three Kings is always very popular and is often fully booked. 

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    Black Fish Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in Korea Town
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    Black Fish Tattoo boasts a relaxing ambiance and exceptional artistry. It was founded by Kevin Jang, who has inked numerous tattoos in the Midtown community for over two decades. Jang is very passionate about his craft, and it shows throughout his diverse portfolio. He can design a wide range of tattoos, although he specializes in inking more realistic pieces. Jang also collaborates with a team of other talented artists to accommodate different client needs. 

    Black Fish Tattoo accepts appointments and walk-ins at their Koreatown-based studio. The space is super clean, cozy, and the ideal setting for getting some fire ink. 

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    Grit N Glory

    Tattoo shop in Lower East Side
    Grit N Glory Tattoo Shop NYC
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    This eclectic tattoo parlor in the Lower East Side is your one-stop-shop for all things piercings, tattoos, and rock n roll. 

    It was founded by world-famous artist and TV personality Megan Massacre. She specializes in designing vibrant, colorful tattoos. However, Grit n Glory’s talented staff has also crafted some lovely tiny tattoos over the years. The artists work closely with clients to ensure that all design expectations are met before any ink reaches your body. 

    Grit n Glory has a lot more to offer than just tattoos since it doubles as a boutique selling edgy accessories, clothing, jewelry, and home décor items. They also often have fun bookmarks and journals on sale that make for excellent gifts. 

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    Uplift Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in SoHo
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    This SoHo tattoo parlor is the ideal destination for your first tattoo. 

    The studio is bright and spotless, complete with neon signs that create a fun, inviting atmosphere. Uplift Tattoo’s talented team of artists can craft new and old-world tattoos, from simple line drawings to large-scale half sleeves. They are also super friendly and easy to interact with. 

    Many clients have raved about Uplift Tattoo’s fair prices and excellent chairside manner. They also offer regular flash sales that start at a minimum of $50. There is currently one going on through the end of March for Renaissance and Valentine’s Day themed tattoos. 

    In addition to this NYC-based studio, Uplift Tattoo has expanded to another location in Miami, Florida.   

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    New York Adorned

    Tattoo shop in Nolita
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    New York Adorned is the go-to spot for piercings, tattoos, and good vibes. 

    The tattoo parlor has remained in business since it first opened in 1996, and it is easy to see why with its inviting ambiance, caring employees, and spectacular artwork. 

    The shop is equally renowned for its piercing services and features tons of traditional gold, sterling silver, or unique gemstone pieces onsite. Clients may also bring their own jewelry to use for piercings if desired. Although, most customers tend to go with one of New York Adorned’s one-of-a-kind nose or earring options. 

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    Club Inked Tattoos & Piercings

    Tattoo shop in Bushwick
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    This Bushwick-based tattoo parlor has a clean studio, welcoming atmosphere, and insightful artists. It is an awesome place to get your first ink since Club Inked’s staff is extremely kind and open to any questions. 

    Club Inked Tattoos and Piercings has a wide selection of jewelry, including standard gold and sterling silver. They provide numerous helpful tips regarding aftercare for both piercings and tattoos. 

    Like some of the other shops on this list, Club Inked offers flash sales around Holidays. It is the ideal time to get inked if you have been waiting to save up. You can see updates regarding these deals or any other events on the studio’s Instagram page.  

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    Inked NYC

    Tattoo shop in Chelsea
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    This delightful tattoo parlor has inked many in the Chelsea community. Some notable celebrities even visited Inked NYC, including 50 Cent, Nick Cannon, and Post Malone. The studio is run by a talented team of artists that create all kinds of pieces. Though several artists can create colorful, more detailed tattoos, they are known for minimal tattoos.

    In addition, Inked NYC is fundraising to support Ukraine. You can learn more about their efforts and how to help on their website. They also have a story highlight on their Instagram page with additional information. 

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    Studio 28 Tattoos and Body Piercing

    Tattoo shop in Chelsea
Studio 28 Tattoos and Body Piercing
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     This hidden gem tattoo parlor in Chelsea has some highly talented artists ready to tackle any project headed their way. Studio 28’s team can bring your dreams to life, from delicate fine line details to vibrant full sleeve tattoos.

    Studio 28’s staff is friendly and prides themselves on providing stellar customer service. Their tattoo artists walk clients through the process to ensure they are comfortable the entire time, which is especially helpful for first-timers! The tattoo shop itself is incredibly clean and inviting. 

    The shop offers piercing services with tons of pretty jewelry options as well. You must make an appointment online for piercings – but do accept walk-ins when time is available.

  16. 16

    East Side Ink

    Tattoo shop in Lower East Side
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    East Side Ink is among the oldest tattoo parlors in New York City. The shop’s talented team of artists have inked many in the Lower East Side community since 1992, including Orange Is The New Black actress and tattoo fanatic Ruby Rose

    The studio is bright, spotless, and lined with industrial-style bookshelves. It is run by a talented team of artists that work on diverse projects, from small floral pieces to detailed portraits. 

    The Lower East Side shop offers microblading and laser removal services, which may come in handy if you grow to dislike your current ink. Two artists, Caesar and Joshua, also specialize in cover-ups. East Side Ink asks that you call them directly at the studio to reserve an appointment for all of their services. 

  17. 17

    First Class Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in Lower East Side
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    This terrific tattoo parlor in Alphabet City is a must-visit for those who appreciate incredible artwork. First Class has recruited experts from around the world to craft some of the boldest and most beautiful tattoos in New York City. Their hourly rates are on the pricier side but well worth it for the quality artistry and customer service.

    The studio is immaculate and inviting, allowing clients to relax while getting their tattoos. First Class’s professional staff communicates throughout the process, including any questions regarding aftercare following your appointment. In addition, First Class offers cosmetic tattooing and micro-blading that will surely keep your eyebrows on point for weeks to come. 

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    JonBoy Custom Tattoos at Moxy Hotel

    Tattoo shop in Garment District
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    If you are into tiny tattoos, you are sure to love JonBoy Custom Tattoos. Founder Jonathan S. Valena (aka JonBoy) is known for inking beautiful minimal line art and small dainty tattoos. His work can be pretty expensive, though the steep rates are worth it for the quality and luxe treatment that JonBoy provides.

    JonBoy is currently accepting clients at the Moxy Hotel in Times Square. He was formerly at another famous NYC tattoo shop, Bang Bang, where he honed his skills alongside a team of fellow professional artists. Several celebrities have even been tattooed by JonBoy, including Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Post Malone. 

  19. 19

    Nice Tattoo Parlor

    Tattoo shop in Williamsburg
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    This lovely tattoo parlor in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is known for designing some beautiful tattoos. People flock to this studio to take advantage of these terrific, inked pieces and the studio’s overall chill vibes. 

    It is led by a team of six caring and talented female artists who strive to make their clients’ experiences as comfortable as possible. Guest tattoo artists also drop by from time to time. Much like the tattoo shop’s namesake, the staff is super nice and friendly. Nice Tattoo Parlor’s space is equally welcoming with bright windows, cozy seating, and fascinating wall art. 

    Rates are pretty fair at Nice Tattoo Parlor. However, be sure to make a reservation online to claim your spot in advance. The shop tends to book up very quickly since it is pretty popular.

  20. 20

    Sena Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in Lower Manhattan
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    Sena Tattoo is an excellent shop to check out if you are looking for colorful, detailed tattoos. The studio is super clean, inviting, and packed with interesting artwork to observe while getting inked. 

    The SoHo-based shop is home to six talented artists, including founder David Sena. They are mainly known for inking spectacular Japanese-inspired tattoos. Although, they have crafted many different types of tattoo designs over the last few years. 

    Sena Tattoo also recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary. We are sure that this successful studio will continue to serve the SoHo community for decades to come as they continue to provide outstanding service. 

  21. 21

    Inknation Studio

    Tattoo shop in Midtown Manhattan
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    If you have ever dreamt of getting inked while catching next-level views of NYC, Inknation Studio may be right up your alley. The tattoo shop situated on a rooftop in Midtown, Manhattan, quickly rose to fame after opening its doors in 2021. 

    Inknation has an excellent location and a pristine interior studio that ensures all clients are safe and relaxed while getting inked. Cleanliness is a big deal in the industry, and their team indeed delivers. Clients may also enjoy spending time on their outdoor patio before or after their tattoo appointment. It is the perfect place to take an Instagram-worthy photograph of your new ink! 

  22. 22

    Red Rocket Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in Midtown Manhattan
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    Red Rocket Tattoo is a terrific shop located in the heart of Midtown. The studio boasts ten resident tattoo artists in addition to guest industry experts from around the globe. Since their staff is relatively large, they can accommodate a wide range of artistic pieces. 

    Walk-ins are welcome though Red Rocket Tattoo’s staff strongly urges clients to make an appointment to ensure their spot. The shop is also currently looking to add a new artist to its talented team. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, reach out to Red Rocket Tattoo via their socials or website. 

  23. 23

    Soho Ink

    Tattoo shop in Nolita
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    This lively studio in the heart of Nolita is precisely what comes to mind when one thinks of a perfect NYC tattoo shop. Soho Ink boasts several talented and friendly artists that can create wonders with ink. 

    The tattoo parlor prioritizes cleanliness, and it shows as the studio is impeccably clean. Soho Ink also features tons of exciting decor pieces, particularly referencing pop culture, to view or photograph after your appointment.

    In addition to tattoos and piercings, Soho Ink boasts a superb collection of apparel, jewelry, and other unique goods. You will have plenty of time to look through items in between your appointment, which should be made in advance to confirm your spot. 

  24. 24

    Rising Dragon Tattoos NYC

    Tattoo shop in Greenwich Village
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    Rising Dragon Tattoos boasts an immaculate studio space and customer service. It is home to nine talented resident and guest artists who work on various tattoo designs. Many specialize in crafting detailed portraits and full sleeves. 

    They work very closely with clients during the consultation to ensure they are satisfied with their new tattoo. Any design changes should be made prior to the day you plan to get inked, which is easy since their artists are so friendly and accommodating. 

    The Greenwich Village tattoo parlor is accepting appointments online. They are not currently accepting walk-ins. 

  25. 25

    Times Square Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in Theatre District
    Times Square Tattoo Best Tattoo Shops NYC
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    Native New Yorkers tend to avoid Times Square yet still make their way over to get inked at this stellar tattoo parlor. It has a clean studio, friendly staff, and great prices. Times Square Tattoo’s artists can design just about any tattoo. They tend to get pretty busy, so we recommend visiting this spot for simpler designs. 

    It is a popular spot for tourists visiting Midtown that want a long-lasting memory of their NYC trip. However, plenty of locals head to Times Square Tattoo thanks to its exceptional artists and spotless studio. Walk-ins are welcome, and appointments may be made over the phone.  

  26. 26

    Village Tattoo NYC

    Tattoo shop in West Village
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    Village Tattoo is an NYC staple and overall excellent place to get high-quality ink. 

    The West Village-based tattoo parlor’s talented artists have worked on many intricate tattoos. They are able to create new and old-world tattoos, including delicate fine line pieces.

    Village Tattoo also boasts affordable, fair prices for its services. Piercings range from $25 to $55, including jewelry. They offer a wide selection of jewelry at the shop. Tattoo prices vary but are quite competitive compared to other NYC tattoo shops. Appointments may be made online since they are not accepting walk-ins at the moment. 

  27. 27

    Bad Intentionz Tattoo

    Tattoo shop in Jersey City
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    Bad Intentionz Tattoo is run by a team of industry experts with over fifteen years of inking experience. 

    This noteworthy tattoo parlor is actually not located in New York City. However, the work created by co-owners Q and Cisco is worth the journey to Newark, New Jersey. Cisco boasts a stellar portfolio as the shop’s head tattoo artist. 

    Bad Intentionz Tattoo also boasts competitive and fair rates compared to some of the other shops on this list, especially since smaller tattoos begin at only $90. Although, be sure to account for tolls if you are not taking public transit! They also offer piercings onsite with plenty of jewelry options to choose from.

  28. 28

    Evolvink Studios

    Tattoo shop in Jersey City
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    Evolvink Studios is another terrific tattoo shop worth traveling across the Hudson for in Morristown, New Jersey. The studio has several talented artists who feature many unique tattoo designs in their portfolios, ranging from dainty flowers to realistic animals to quirky pop culture references. They will also collaborate with you to create any custom designs that you may have in mind. No project is too big for Evolvink Studios! 

    Their team works hard to ensure their space is inviting, spotless, and safe for clients. We believe that they absolutely nailed it since hundreds of happy customers have praised the studio’s cleanliness. 


How much does a tattoo cost in New York?

The prices for a tattoo in New York City are very different. Cheap tattoo studios in New York start at around $100 an hour, while big names like Bang Bang charge five times as much. Don’t fall for the cheap tattoo studios. A tattoo for under $100 cannot and will not be of good quality unless you don’t mind.

How do I make an appointment at a tattoo studio in New York?

It makes sense to make an appointment before your trip to New York and do enough research to find out which tattoo studio in New York works for you. Don’t let prices dictate where you go. With that being said, all studios require a deposit. This can, for example, be done over the phone with the credit card. The large studios in particular, whose customers come from all over the world, are tailored to these processes.
It is best to send an email with a picture of your desired tattoo and they will come back to you.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

You have to be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo in New York. No exceptions are made at any reputable tattoo studio in NYC. Make sure to bring your ID.

Do you tip if you get a tattoo in New York?

Yes, you should tip the artist. This is around 20% of the total amount (before tax) of the tattoo.

How do I find the best tattoo studio in New York?

Getting a tattoo in New York is, of course, a pretty big deal and is a great lifetime souvenir. Nevertheless, I recommend that you do enough research beforehand on whether the tattoo studio in New York City is right for you. Hopefully, this article gives you a better insight into the different tattoo shops in the city. However, at the end of the day, make sure you decide based on the style that suits you the most.

Tipp: Check out the studios’ social media channels for pictures.

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