The 6 Best Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen Right Now

Which restaurant in Hell's Kitchen is the best?

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen? Then you’ve come to the right place – because I’ll show you the hottest and most authentic places where New Yorkers hang out. The choice of restaurants in the Midtown neighborhood is huge – so there’s bound to be something for you!

In Hell’s Kitchen you can expect the normal New York, although it is so close to the Hudson Yards, Central Park and Times Square – a really nice corner, which I have discovered for myself only in the last few visits.

To help you quickly and easily see which spot is near you, you can find all of Hell’s Kitchen’s restaurants on an interactive map.

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My Favorite Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen

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    Mexican Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Añejo is a classy yet fun and casual Mexican restaurant with modern small plates and innovative cocktails. This restaurant was created by the Top Chef season 7 contestant, Angelo Sosa. So, it’s no surprise Añejo is a culinary work of art and is even Michelin recommended for the best Mezcal bars in NYC. You must try the unique ‘Traviesa Montelobos’ with Mezcal, fresh grapefruit, lime, Fresno infused agave, Aperol, and spicy salt when visiting.  

    Each small plate is a flavorful culinary experience, but their top dishes include the tender and smoky ‘octopus plate’ and the ‘Drunken Lamb Barbacoa.’ These plates are modern but include elements of Mexican food that bring your taste buds for a ride. 

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    A Taste of Magic

    American Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    When it’s the Halloween season, there’s no shortage of witches, wizards, and warlocks wandering about. That’s why A Taste of Magic is one of our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween in NYC.

    This traveling experience takes place at restaurants around New York, bringing the thrills and intrigue of close-up magic to some of the city’s finest dining. Plus, it’s a family-friendly, all-ages way to get into the season. Each ticket includes the magic acts, the dinner, and the entertainment, and the two seating times (5pm and 8pm) fit perfectly for those packed New York schedules. 

    Their current shows take place at Docks, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and Gossip. You can find out more about A Taste of Magic and make reservations for yourself at the official page.

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    Aqua Boil

    Sea Food Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Aqua Boil is a Hell’s Kitchen restaurant that you will want to plan on dining at AFTER your Broadway experience. This casual Cajun-inspired place is going to leave you messy, but that’s such a good thing. It’s a fun and vibrant place where you choose your catch from a bounty of seafood like crawfish, mussels, or even a whole Dungeness crab. You then choose your sauce and heat level of spices. You’ll love every messy bite of this interactive eating experience. Reservations are limited, but the waitlist may be an alternative.

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    Asian Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Chalong is a Southern Thai spot in Hell’s Kitchen that’s perfect for a meal before or after a Broadway show. Guests appreciate chef Nate Limwong’s authentic cuisine and love dishes like the Coconut Crab Curry. Due to its popularity, we recommend you make a reservation.

    Chef Nate Limwong, originally from Southern Thailand, brings decades of culinary expertise from Asia, Australia, and North America. Her goal is to showcase the authentic flavors of Southern Thailand, known for its fresh spices and seafood, and create a memorable dining experience in NYC.

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    Don Antonio

    Italian Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Don Antonio is not just a regular pizzeria. What makes this restaurant so unique is their fried pizza! It’s super delicious and well worth a visit.

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    Etcetera Etcetera

    Italian Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    With a sleek and intimate interior, this sublime neighborhood spot offers innovative seasonal menus. You’ll find homemade basil spaghetti with crab to really impress or the melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi. For meat lovers, don’t miss the grilled skirt steak. Everyone truly loves the burrata, a dreamy way to begin your dining experience. Be sure to save room for the desserts in this Italian fine dining establishment, particularly the crème brûlée.

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    Kashkaval Garden

    Other Restaurants in Hell's Kitchen
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    Kashkaval Garden, nestled in the vibrant streets of New York City, is a culinary gem offering a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors. This cozy spot beckons food enthusiasts with its inviting ambiance and diverse menu featuring an array of delectable dishes such as gourmet cheeses, savory fondues, and mouthwatering kebabs. Whether indulging in a casual brunch or savoring a leisurely dinner, patrons can expect a culinary journey enriched with bold flavors and warm hospitality at Kashkaval Garden.

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    Asian Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    LumLum is another Thai restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. Due to its proximity to Broadway, this Thai spot is perfect for dinner before a Broadway show. On the menu, you can find fish dishes as well as a classic Chicken Pad Thai and a delicious Tom Yum Goong. Vegans will also find a few dishes on the menu. In the mood for a Thai drinking snack? Try one of their signature cocktails at the bar!

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    Lunch Box

    American Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    In the lunch box there are tasty salads, soups, smoothies and above all sandwiches and bagels to take away. For under $10 you can make a really good sandwich for yourself.

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    Medi Wine Bar

    Other Restaurants in Hell's Kitchen
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    The Medi Wine Bar offers an unbeatable coastal brunch experience that merges the best of French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine. The brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. And with the right company, Medi Wine Bar can turn your ordinary weekend into an international culinary adventure without having to leave New York City.

    Now, onto the food. The Soft Vanilla Waffles that come in flavor combos such as Bacon and Maple Syrup or Strawberries, Banana, Maple Syrup, and Whipped Cream are a must-try, trust me! If that’s not your taste, the Ricotta Cheese & Egg Raviolo, a single large raviolo filled with Ricotta & Egg Yolk served with Grilled Speck in a Butter & Sage Sauce, is pure decadence. And hey, why not indulge in the bottomless brunch with your favorite brunch cocktails to complete your feast?

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    North River Lobster Company

    Sea Food Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    The North River Lobster Company is a floating lobster shack on the Hudson River – and the only one in New York City. It’s located on Pier 81, which puts it in close proximity to Times Square. In addition to fresh seafood dishes and refreshing cocktails, there’s also beer on the menu.

    With regular cruises on the Hudson River, you can have brunch here as well as a casual sunset dinner while admiring the breathtaking Manhattan skyline.

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    Mexican Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Patrón is the perfect place to go for dinner and cocktails in Hell’s Kitchen NYC. They even have an outdoor heated patio for those cold winters. Their specialty is to serve cocktails in Patrón bottles, such as their self-explanatory drink ‘Patrón in a bottle’ which has a frozen margarita with flavorings and a short and a half of Patron, and ‘Party over here’ which is a frozen margarita with mango, strawberry, and blue curacao. 

    The brunch at Patrón is also popular with their traditional huevos rancheros as one of their best sellers. The Huevos rancheros come with two crispy corn tortillas, two fried eggs, black beans, sour cream, queso fresco, tomatillo salsa, salsa guajillo, and a house salad.  

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    Ponche Taqueria

    Mexican Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Right in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll satisfy those cravings for Mexican cuisine at Ponche Taqueria. The pescado taco is one of the most popular menu items, made with tempura mahi-mahi and a chipotle remoulade. Topped with pickled cabbage, it has all the textural elements and flavors to excite your taste buds. The burritos are also a life-changing experience in this contemporary Mexican restaurant which has reasonable prices, ideal for those who splurged on those Broadway tickets.

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    Pure Thai Cookhouse

    Asian Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Pure Thai Cookhouse is located in Hell’s Kitchen and is known for its homestyle Thai cuisine as well as its hand-made noodles.

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    Shake Shack

    Burger Spot in Hell's Kitchen
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    Shake Shack is a burger chain with more than 20 stores in New York alone. We got this spot recommended by a New Yorker as the “best burger in town” with the warning that you have to wait an hour for your burger – but it was worth the wait! From the outside the burger shop may seem quite inconspicuous, but the burgers are certainly among the best in New York.

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    Tulcingo Del Valle

    Mexican Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Tulcingo Del Valle is a Mexican restaurant located in Hell’s Kitchen that serves award-winning tacos. The hand-crafted tacos are all made with fresh meat and the best ingredients. Tulcingo Del Valle is entirely authentic and they even have tripa tacos, which is beef tripe, and barbacoa de chivo tacos which are goat barbacoa. All of their tacos are vibrant and Instagram worthy partly due to their salsa verde, which is the most famous salsa verde in NYC. If you are feeling extra hungry, their burritos are also a must-try, and they are large and super filling! 

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    V{IV} (Thai Restaurant & Bar)

    Asian Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Somewhat on the trendy side, V{IV} is an excellent choice for a date night or a casual dinner with friends. Beyond its delicious food, the restaurant’s distinctive décor sets it apart from other Thai eateries along 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen. As you step inside V{IV}, you’ll be greeted by attentive and friendly servers, a welcoming atmosphere, and an affordable menu that features generously sized portions and creative presentations for nearly every dish.

    Their menu features a variety of regional dishes from Northern Thailand, for example, Grilled Chicken and Papaya Salads, different Curry dishes, Pineapple Fried rice, or Pad Ka-Na with crispy pork belly.

The Best Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen on the Map

A map with all restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen can be found here – just click on “FULL MAP” if you want to see more. You can click on each restaurant on the map to find out everything you need to know.

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