Best Places to Take Pictures in NYC

New York City provides great sceneries, an abundance of architectural work and great vibes. Naturally, the city is very photogenic. You can point and shoot your camera anywhere and you’ll probably end up with a great photo. In this article, we’ll provide some of the best places to take pictures in NYC. We realize you probably want to capture only the best spots and obviously put it up on social media, right?

Instagrammable Places in NYC

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge – We think it has the best walkway for pedestrians. There’s a lot of space (when it’s not packed) and the location is definitely one of the best places to take pictures in NYC. It’s perfect for social media as well such as Instagram. It’s symmetrical and the skyline can be seen in the background. if you want an empty bridge, we suggest going just right after sunrise before pedestrians storm the bridge. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.
  2. New York Public Library in Manhattan – Located right next to Bryant Park, the New York Public Library is a photographers playground. Arrive early to beat the hordes of people that will eventually make their way to the venue. Take note of the architecture, the painted ceilings and also the ambience of the library.
  3. Coney Island Boardwalk – Coney Island gets really busy during the summer with it’s open beaches and numerous stands along the boardwalk. The amusement park is what really attracts people to come here. It opened up in 1895 and you can still feel the historic vibe. Like with any location in New York City, arrive early to avoid the crowds so you can get your shot.
  4. Grand Central Terminal – Everyone knows about Grand Central. You’ve seen it in movies, TV shows, music videos and every possible media related content known to man. So, when you’re in NYC definitely come here and get your photo. It’s an iconic location. Capture the crowd during rush hour and you’ll see how fast paced and hectic NYC can get. Also, take note of the ceiling and make sure to capture the legendary Grand Central Station Clock located in the middle of the terminal.
  5. Brooklyn Bridge Park – If you want the best view of the Manhattan skyline, then head on over to Brooklyn Bridge Park. This whole area is photogenic and has many things to do. You can also head to DUMBO which is located right next to the park.

Honestly, the whole city is a photographers dream. Don’t let this list limit your choices, but we definitely recommend the places we mentioned above. Happy shooting!

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Being a photographer and creative in general, New York City, I think is the perfect place to be. I moved to NYC from Boston in 2013 and never looked back. Loving New York has given me the opportunity to do what I love and share those images with you all.

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