The 9 Best Jazz Brunch Spots in NYC (2024)

Brunch accompanied by a side of Jazz is as New York as lady liberty. In the early 1900s when the city was busy unleashing Jazz greats like Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday onto the world, a vibrant restaurant scene was also growing. By the 1980s historic venues like The Blue Point and Sweet Basil had combined the two and were serving delicious brunches accompanied by strains of jazz.

If you’re a jazz connoisseur you can still find a few of the old haunts scattered around the city (we covered many in this guide to the best jazz in New York City). Simply looking for a scrumptious brunch with lively music? Newer venues serving everything from seafood brunches to Caribbean cuisine are also popular. Whatever your taste, this list of New York City’s best jazz brunch spots should have something for you. Real lovers of jazz will want to read to the end for the section on historic spots still serving a mean jazz brunch!

Where to find the best live jazz brunch in NYC

  1. 230615090849001

    01 Sunday Jazz Brunch at Patrick's Place

    When Harlem’s renaissance period was shaping Jazz into the force it is today, Jamaican culture was also making its impact. The renaissance is long over but Harlem continues to be a hotspot for jazz music and Caribbean culture. If you’re looking for a jazz brunch with authentic Harlem vibes and spicy Caribbean cuisine, you can’t do better than Patrick’s Place.

    Patrick’s Place’s Sunday Brunch is a hit of culture both your tastebuds and ears will appreciate. The shock of flavor from spicy Jamaican staples like beef patties and oxtails will stimulate even the most disciplined taste buds. If that seems too adventurous, eggs and Belgian waffles are also on the menu.

    While you enjoy the flavorful brunch, expect a steady stream of lively music and good company from a crowd that’s mostly local New Yorkers.

  2. Restaurant_170423115755029-8

    02 Sunday Jazz Brunch at One if by Land, Two if by Sea

    On a regular night, this gorgeous restaurant set in a landmark carriage house is the venue for romantic proposals and special occasion dinners. With chandeliers adorning every inch of the ceilings and tablecloth covered tables, this is the restaurant locals and visitors head to on occasions that call for an upscale atmosphere.

    The Sunday jazz brunches are just as romantic. Three courses of fancy fare including items like lobster benedict and Italian milk burrata set the mood. And a jazz ensemble wearing suits ensure everything looks topnotch. If you ever wanted to propose at a jazz brunch in New York City, this restaurant in the heart of Greenwich Village is the place to do it!

  3. 03 The Lamb's Club (Saturdays and Sundays)

    New Yorkers know The Lamb’s Club for its historied past and distinctive decor. Inside, a roaring fireplace and red and black seating whispers of its past as an exclusive supper club. Outside, the stark white walls and red sign that’s been there since Broadway’s earliest days is instantly recognizable.

    Amidst this clubby setting, is one of the best jazz brunch spots in New York City. The extensive brunch menu has a full selection of traditional American fare like omelets, pancakes, avocado toast, and pastries if you like a classic brunch. There’s also oysters and caviar for when you’re in the mood for seafood. And a full bar means Bloody Marys, mimosas, and other cocktails are always on hand.

    While sipping on your Bloody Mary, expect smooth tunes from a jazz trio that plays Sundays and Saturdays between 11:30AM and 2:00PM when the brunch is served. Reservations recommended.

  4. 221222170604001_The_Fulton_Restaurant_NYC

    04 Sunday Jazz Brunch at The Fulton

    Jazz may have been an indoor activity back in the 1920s when speakeasies and basement performances kept the experience intimate. The Fulton is rewriting the rules with outdoor jazz brunches featuring views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River.

    The full seafood menu also breaks the rules so don’t expect a traditional brunch. Maybe the only thing traditional here will be the excellent jazz filling the outdoor space of The Fulton! The Fulton’s weekend jazz brunches happen only in summer and ends come September.

  5. Roxy_Hotel__Tribeca_New_York_by_Booking

    05 Roxy’s Hotel Jazz Brunch (Saturdays and Sundays)

    Roxy’s Hotel is literally all about jazz. With jazz themed rooms and an underground jazz club, if you love all things jazz, this hotel should be on your radar. If a stay isn’t in the stars for you, try their excellent weekend jazz brunch for an extensive designed to satisfy the New York obsession with big brunches. Roxy’s serves their brunch both Saturdays and Sundays.

    Check out their brunch menu here.

  6. Bar

    06 Sunday Jazz Brunch at Valerie

    At Valerie you can enjoy a great cocktail in a truly unique setting. This bar in Midtown Manhattan is inspired by the Golden Age of Manhattan. The beautiful golden glow and timeless details make you want to stay longer. Every Sunday from 12pm to 3pm you can enjoy live music with Danny Lipsitz and The Brass Tacks in a wonderful ambience.

  7. Best Jazz Brunch Spots in New York City For An Iconic Experience

    If you’re a real jazz aficionado, as promised, here are some iconic spots that will have you thinking you’re back in the 1900s:

  8. Blue Notes Jazz Club NYC

    07 The Blue Note Jazz Club Brunch

    You can’t speak of jazz in New York City without mentioning the forty year old Blue Note Jazz Club in Greenwich Village. New Yorkers head to Blue Note when they want to discover the newest name in Jazz before the rest of the world does. And when big names like Sarah Vaughn or Dizzy Gillespie show up, sold out nights are the norm.

    Now that Blue Note has a Sunday jazz brunch, it’s the place to be on a Sunday afternoon for Jazz lovers or brunch lovers looking to add some spice to their regular brunch outing. If you’re a Jazz lover, Blue Note’s brunch features an excellent lineup of local performers and a classic brunch menu with items like french toast, eggs benedict, and smoked salmon. If you’re simply looking to spice up your weekend, you can’t do better than a brunch accompanied by jazz that’s as smooth as it was in the late 1900s when Blue Note first opened.

  9. 230607135719001_The_Porch

    08 The Porch

    Unlike the Blue Note, the newly opened Porch doesn’t have a long standing history in New York City. What makes a jazz brunch at the venue iconic is its location in Harlem’s historic Sugar Hill district. Genuine jazz lovers head to Sugar Hill and its environs for ‘secret’ house parties and authentic jazz clubs reminiscent of the early 1900’s when jazz was in its heyday. With the addition of The Porch’s jazz brunches, the throwback to 1920’s New York is complete.

    The menu helps too. Just like in the 1920’s, soul food like biscuits and gravy and barbeque brisket sandwiches provide the perfect accompaniment to the soul tugging music. A nice selection of cocktails round off the menu. And since you’re in Harlem, it’s easy to catch some more live jazz music in the neighborhood after brunch! Want some help choosing the perfect place? Checkout our guide to the best jazz clubs in NYC.

    Check out their jazz brunch menu here.

  10. Museum_170423115755026

    09 Fraunces Tavern Museum

    Fraunces Tavern is a beloved New York City institution, steeped in rich history and tradition. Located in the heart of the Financial District, the Tavern is best known as the site where George Washington bid farewell to his officers at the end of the American Revolutionary War. Today, it operates as a museum and a restaurant, preserving its history and offering an intriguing culinary experience.

    The tavern’s weekend brunch is a must-visit event, where the past and the present wonderfully intermingle. A wide-ranging menu, coupled with live jazz performances, sets the stage for an unforgettable mid-morning feast. The menu features both classic brunch favorites, such as Eggs Benedict, and unique culinary creations inspired by the Tavern’s Colonial heritage.

    The Jazz Brunch takes place every weekend, providing guests with a beautiful backdrop of live jazz music, adding a sophisticated, soulful touch to the dining experience. The music reverberates through the historically-themed dining rooms, delivering a feeling of timelessness. The musicians are top-notch, often featuring some of the city’s best jazz talent, making Fraunces Tavern a go-to destination for food and music lovers alike.

    Combining history, delicious food, and soul-stirring music, the Fraunces Tavern’s weekend Jazz Brunch offers a unique New York City experience that captures the energy, culture, and spirit of the city.

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Amazing Brunch Spots with live Jazz

Jazz brunch spots were all over New York City in the 1900s. If you’re looking to relive the past or simply in the mood for some soul music while you brunch, these options should do the trick.

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