The 10 Best Japanese Restaurants in Manhattan Right Now

Where is the best sushi in Manhattan?

Are you looking for the best sushi in Manhattan? Then it’s like me because I love sushi – and unfortunately, I was disappointed a few times in New York, because it was not as good as I expected. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, here are my personal recommendations for good Japanese restaurants in Manhattan.

You can see which sushi restaurant is near you on the map.

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My Favorite Sushi in Manhattan

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    Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya

    Japanese Restaurant in Lower East Side
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    Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya is a Japanese-style tavern and a traditional sushi bar with a fine dining experience. This spot is all about bonding together at a fun place to drink with delicious food selections. From small plate options to family-style platters, Blue Ribbon has got you covered. The location of this Lower East Side restaurant is also beautiful and convenient if you want to jump right into the East Village. 

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    Japanese Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan
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    If you fancy sushi, then come to Azuki, a first-class sushi restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Not far from Times Square, you can get really good sushi here at a reasonable price by New York standards. The restaurant is not huge, but it is comfortably furnished and the staff were very friendly and attentive during our visit.

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    Japanese Restaurant in NoHo
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    BONDST is a very exceptional Japanese restaurant that is one of the best in all of New York City. Here, fine dining meets high-class and creative sushi creations – all in a very relaxed atmosphere.

    Located on three floors, BONDST is housed in a typical Soho-style building (Soho borders NoHo). A stylish lounge with its own sushi bar is located on the lower level. The Main Room is located on the first and second floor.

    If you want to eat really good and authentic sushi in New York, there is hardly any way around BONDST. It’s definitely not cheap, but worth every penny.

    By the way, the name is the only uncreative thing about BONDST in my opinion. Where does it come from? The Japanese restaurant has the address “6 Bond Street”.

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    Japanese Restaurant in Lower East Side
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    Brunch at Davelle, located between Suffolk Street and Clinton Street, is like finding a hidden treasure in the vibrant cityscape. Open for brunch from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays and from 9 am on weekends, it’s where the city meets the serene charm of a Japanese coffeehouse. 

    As for the star of the show – the food – let’s just say you’re in for a treat. Their Shokupan French Toast served with seasonal fruits and whipped cream, is absolutely mouthwatering. It’s like a little symphony of sweetness that dances on your tongue! Or if you’re in the mood for something a bit more savory, you cannot go wrong with a plate of Davelle’s signature curry. Trust me on this one; you’ll be raving about Davelle’s brunch long after the last bite.

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    Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Take the bull by the horns and indulge in Japanese barbecue meat with that special charcoal char on the exterior. Gyu-Kaku means exactly that – the horn of the bull, and it is the place in the Theater District where a miso-marinated skirt steak is going to steal your heart. The kalbi short ribs are also a fine option. Pair with sake, shochu, or cold beers, and order some sushi to nibble on while you await your barbecued meats.

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    Harajuku Sushi & Crêpe

    Japanese Restaurant in Financial District
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    On the one hand you will find delicious sushi and on the other hand fresh crêpes. The crêpes are filled with avocados, shrimps, pork, eggs and much more. The ingredients are always fresh and you can taste that. Besides savoury crêpes there are also sweet ones. These are filled with chocolate, ice cream, fresh berries and/or homemade Matcha chocolate truffles.

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    Hudson Eats

    Japanese Restaurant in Battery Park City
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    In the Hudson Eats you can enjoy a great view of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty. The restaurants are more in the upscale segment, so not really low budget, but even here there are a few alternatives to save a little money. You can find for example the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar, Umami Burger and Dos Toros Taqueria. The architecture inside is also very impressive. Not only culinary is a visit to Hudson Eats worthwhile.

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    ICHIRAN Ramen Times Square

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    While there are other locations of ICHIRAN, the one in Times Square is the perfect stop for a quick and satisfying tonkotsu ramen experience. Forget what you know about ramen and enjoy it on an unparalleled level, crafted with natural pork-bone soup, house-made noodles, and original aged spicy red sauce for a deeper and richer flavor. What makes this one of the best Theater District restaurants for those who habitually run late to Broadway shows is that each bowl is served within 15 seconds of it being prepared. Each seat is deliberately placed within arm’s reach to assure that the noodles are the optimum texture for your dining pleasure, making it ideal for a quick bite.

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    Ippudo Westside

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Another way to discover the delights of ramen is at Ippudo Westside. Serving up scalding bowls of the tonkotsu ramen variety, this secret house specialty provides a silky, savory broth. At this more spacious Times Square venue than its sister location on the East Side, you won’t want to miss ordering some pork buns or a shochu cocktail while you await the main event. The flavorful possibilities are endless here with your ramen, though be sure you stir that chili paste in once it arrives for the ultimate taste sensation.

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    Kenka NYC

    Japanese Restaurant in East Village
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    Authentic Japanese cuisine in the East Village for those who love Sushi & Co. Itadakimasu!

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    Kyuramen Times Square

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    The founder of Kyuramen carefully studied Japanese ramen to make the most unique ramen dishes. With an interior that makes you feel like you wandered into a traditional ramen restaurant in the middle of Japan, you’ll feel even cozier once the food arrives. Try a combination that gives you a little of everything to get the ultimate experience at Kyuramen.

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    Momofuku Ssäm Bar

    Japanese Restaurant in Two Bridges
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    Korean or Japanese? The owner doesn’t really want to commit himself there. The menu is constantly evolving and fresh ingredients from local farms are always served. If you take a look at the menu, it quickly becomes clear… there’s one thing above all else: meat.

The Best Sushi in Manhattan on the map

A map with all sushi and japanese restaurants in Manhattan can be found here – just click on “FULL MAP” if you want to see more. You can click on each restaurant on the map to find out everything you need to know.

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