The 8 Best Gin Bars in NYC Right Now

Where to find the best gin tonic in NYC

The votes are in and the results are tallied. It’s time for us to reveal the best gin joints in NYC because there is no better way to end an eventful day in the city than with a gin tonic in a vibrant bar. Wouldn’t you agree?

My Favorite Gin Bars in New York

Many bars in New York have picked up on the gin trend and are now trying to increase their profits by selling overpriced gin. We don’t want you to fall into their traps and instead enjoy some of the best gin bars in New York that are appropriately priced. After exploring countless gin bars in the city (for you, not for us!), we’ve created the ultimate list.

1. Bathtub Gin

What’s better than a gin bar? A Speakeasy gin bar! Bathtub Gin takes you back to the 1920s. As a patron enters the seemingly innocent cafe, only those in “the know” are able to discover the secrets to Bathtub Gin. As the name implies, you’ll also find a bathtub in this gin bar, harkening back to the bygone days of Prohibition moonshiners.

Address: 132 9th Ave

2. The Gin Parlour

Gin Parlour NYC

Including a spirit in the name of a bar, typically is a good omen. Not all locations live up to their reputation, but we are pleased to report that The Gin Parlour was a match for its namesake. The best time to come here is on Wednesdays from 5 to 8 pm. A live jazz band provides additional entertainment in the bar. The combination of music and cocktails raises both spirits to new heights at one of the best gin bars in NYC.

Address: 111 E 48th St

3. Dear Irvine

Dear Irvine is not just a gin bar but also a rooftop bar. In addition to top-shelf gin, you’ll enjoy magnificent views of the Hudson. The quality together with the view comes at a slightly higher price than most gin bars in New York. Expect to pay around $18 for most cocktails on their extensive menu. We don’t mind paying a little extra for the view. It’s a great place to celebrate special occasions or impress new acquaintances for whatever the circumstance.

Address: 55 Irving Pl

4. Rainbow Room

When talking about the best gin bars in New York City, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Bar SixtyFive. Not only will you find stellar gin cocktails but also one-of-a-kind views from Rockefeller Center’s 65th floor.

Rainbow Room is closed on Saturdays!

We recommend trying their signature drink “1934 gin and tonic”, a tribute to the year of Rockefeller Center’s completion.

Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza

5. The Winslow Gin House and Eatery

This fantastic bar in the East Village is entirely dedicated to gin. The selection at the Winslow Gin House includes over 40 types of gin. To get the best bang for your buck, be sure to try the Gin and Tonic Flight. For $25, you’ll experience 4 gins curated by their master mixologists. At The Winslow Gin House, sports enthusiasts won’t have to worry about missing their favorite events as the monitors around the bar will show the hottest games and matches.

Address: 243 E 14th St

6. The Belfry

The Belfry is located right across the street from The Winslow Gin House and Eatery, giving you a tough choice to make if you’re looking for great gin in the area. We went to check out The Belfry after one of our readers discovered the bar. Our verdict? It made it onto the list of best gin bars in New York so, as you might expect, we loved it there!

Address: 222 E 14th St

7. Ivy

The Ivy is a restaurant and a bar. We can recommend the gin cocktail “Aviation” that’s made with Maraschino liquor as well as the “Bohemian Rhapsody” which is prepared with elderflower, cucumber, and lemon. It’s one of the best gin bars in New York, especially when you have an empty stomach. The burgers at Ivy are super tasty and go very well with the gin.

Don’t miss Ivy’s happy hour, daily from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Address: 944 8th Ave

Have you been to a bar that you believe should be featured as one of the best gin bars in NYC? Please let us know! We love your tips!

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