The Best Clubs in Williamsburg

Hot, hotter, Williamsburg

When it comes to nightlife in the city that never sleeps, Brooklyn is claiming the throne. While Brooklyn is defined by many distinct neighborhoods, Williamsburg unquestionably boasts the hottest clubs in Brooklyn. If you don’t know where to go, here are some Williamsburg clubs you need to party at.

The 5 best clubs in Williamsburg

Generally speaking, a night out doesn’t start until 11 pm. You should also keep in mind that most venues require you to be 21 to get in while only a few allow an 18+ audience. Regardless of their age restriction, all clubs have one thing in common: there’s no way to get into a party without a valid ID. Another piece of advice we have for you is to check the club’s event calendar before you go, as some clubs feature exclusive DJ performances. Now that you are generally prepared, here we go with our top 5 Williamsburg clubs.

best clubs in Williamsburg

1. TBA Brooklyn

TBA went from being a garage to one of the best clubs in Williamsburg. In very little time, it has transformed itself into a popular electronic music venue that’s a must-visit for those who like to vibe to underground techno and house music. The lineup at TBA never disappoints and covers the full spectrum, from renowned DJs to lesser-known, local artists. To party here, be prepared to pay the cover charge of $10. Depending on each night’s line up, the charge may increase. We also shouldn’t forget to mention that TBA serves empanadas from Empanada Mama. It’s a perfect snack to devour during a fun night out in Brooklyn.

Address: 395 Wythe Ave

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2. Schimanski

This spacious venue was originally built to host large events like art shows, fashion shows, concerts, film screenings, and weddings. Today, however, the entertainment space is the new mecca of Brooklyn’s nightlife scene. Getting into Schimanski to dance to modern tunes will deduct about $20 from your bank account. The cover may lean towards higher amounts whenever there’s a more prominent DJ on the program. If that’s the case, be sure to reserve your tickets in advance to even get a spot.

Don’t miss happy hour on Fridays and Saturdays!

If you arrive early, take advantage of Schimanski’s late-night happy hour! Every Friday and Saturday from 9-11pm, you get beer for $5, well drinks for $6, a beer + a shot for $7 and frozen drinks for $8 each.

Address: 54 N 11th St

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3. Music Hall of Williamsburg

The Music Hall is a Williamsburg venue that attracts New Yorkers and tourists alike. On the calendar, you will find a variety of different live-music concerts featuring indie rock and underground rock performers. At the Music Hall, every night has its own highlight, varying from established performers to aspiring rock bands. Ticket prices start at around $15.


Address: 66 N 6th St

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4. The Knitting Factory Brooklyn

The Knitting Factory in Williamsburg offers the ultimate entertainment package! Comedy shows, DJs, and live bands are all part of The Knitting Factory’s ample lineup. It’s surely more than just a club and definitely belongs on the best clubs in Williamsburg list. The club covers an extensive range of distinct music styles, including soul, rock, indie, and pop. Coming here, you’ll dance the night away without even realizing when the sun rises again.

Address: 361 Metropolitan Ave

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5. Bembe

Bembe is not only one of the best clubs in Williamsburg but also one of the most diverse clubs in Brooklyn, celebrating a wide range of music, from Latin rhythms all the way to Arabic dance music. Early in the evening, you can find yourself vibing to relaxing music while later in the night, Bembe heats up the dancefloors until it’s packed with fun-filled people. Though we typically don’t like too jam-packed clubs, in this case, it really enhances the terrific atmosphere at Bembe. The crowd parties all night long!

Address: 81 S 6th St

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New York Club Experiences

Especially when you’re traveling by yourself and are eager to meet new people, we recommend joining a group to go clubbing in New York. They make it even easier for you to socialize with like-minded people. That being said, these club experiences are just as great in a group and give you the chance to form lasting connections.

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