The 14 Best Chinese Restaurants in Manhattan Right Now

Which Chinese restaurant in Manhattan is the best?

Are you looking for the best Chinese places in Manhattan? Then you’ve come to the right place – because not only in Chinatown you’ll find really great spots!

To help you quickly see which one is near you, you can find all of Manhattan’s Chinese restaurants on the map.

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My Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Manhattan

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    Jun-Men Ramen Bar

    Asian Restaurant in Chelsea
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    The Jun-Men is one of the best restaurants for ramen in the city. By the way, Jun-Men means “noodles, straight up”. The secret of a really good ramen dish is the broth, which is sometimes reduced for hours and in the end is really “concentrated” and delicious. Absolutely sensational and once you have tasted it, you will understand why we rave about it so much.

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    Super Taste

    Asian Restaurant in Chinatown
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    Here it can quickly get crowded, the shop is really super small. Super Taste is probably the best place to visit in Chinatown NYC if you are looking for some authentic and great quality noodles. The amazing food is reason alone to visit but with the amazing prices on offer, this is a no-brainer to get a quick and delicious bite to eat on your way through Chinatown.

    Make sure to try the pork belly bao – one of our favorites!

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    At Nine Restaurant & Bar

    Asian Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan
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    If you’re craving some good Thai food, Nine Restaurant & Bar has got you covered. They offer a cozy and unpretentious atmosphere where you can enjoy exquisite dishes prepared by talented chefs. What’s more, their prices are reasonable, and they are committed to providing uncompromising service. With numerous Thai restaurants in New York City to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to go but look no further. 

    Nine Restaurant & Bar stands out as one of the best Thai restaurants in the city, offering a welcoming ambiance, friendly staff, excellent service, and, most importantly, delicious Thai cuisine. Their dishes are crafted with simplicity and flair to capture the true essence of Thai cooking. Their noodle soups and their red curry are super delicious!

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    Asian Restaurant in SoHo
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    The BoCaphe is one of our favourite spots if we want to enjoy “Vietnamese French Cuisine” in a relaxed atmosphere.

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    Asian Restaurant in West Village
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    Here you get the best Peking duck in town. The restaurant is well known beyond the city limits.

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    Asian Restaurant in Chelsea
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    Glur is a vegan-friendly restaurant with a cozy exterior, interior, and menu! And they serve Thai food, another type of cuisine that hasn’t been mentioned on this list so far.

    On Glur’s site, they describe their restaurant as a place where you can find vegan comfort foods and when you take a look at their menu… you’ll see that they’re telling the truth.

    With their warm soups and delicious noodles, even the term “comfort food” doesn’t do their dishes justice! And if you do decide to visit… be sure to try their red curry and crispy tofu, because those are two of the most popular items.

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    Great NY Noodletown

    Asian Restaurant in Chinatown
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    Great NY Noodletown is a noodleshop, Chinese restaurant in Chinatown located right next to the Manhattan Bridge. Great insider tip for this area!

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    Her Name is Han

    Asian Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan
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    Great Korean soul food at the Empire State Building. Bon appetit!

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    Joe's Shanghai

    Asian Restaurant in Chinatown
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    Here you get the probably the best duck in town. This restaurant has already won an award from the New York Times. Also recommendable is the Joe’s Shanghai soup with dumplings.

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    Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

    Asian Restaurant in Korea Town
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    Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong is another phenomenal restaurant for Korean barbeque. The meat here is very high-quality and is a great option for large group dinners. If you call in advance, you can usually make reservations for groups of 6 or more. We would specifically recommend trying the melon liquor, the galbi grilled beef, and the dosirak lunch box.

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    Asian Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    LumLum is another Thai restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. Due to its proximity to Broadway, this Thai spot is perfect for dinner before a Broadway show. On the menu, you can find fish dishes as well as a classic Chicken Pad Thai and a delicious Tom Yum Goong. Vegans will also find a few dishes on the menu. In the mood for a Thai drinking snack? Try one of their signature cocktails at the bar!

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    Mission Chinese Food NYC

    Asian Restaurant in Chinatown
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    Mission Chinese Food in NYC is a trendy and hip restaurant in Chinatown, Manhattan. The restaurant is heavily influenced on Sichuanese style cuisine and is geared towards millennials. This place with its electric funk atmosphere and dim lights is the place to be if you are looking for a cool evening hangout with amazing food. Be sure to try their Mapo Tofu!

The Best Chinese Restaurants in Manhattan on the Map

A map with all chinese restaurants in Manhattan can be found here – just click on “FULL MAP” if you want to see more. You can click on each restaurant on the map to find out everything you need to know.

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