The 10 Best Bars on the Upper East Side Right Now

Which bar on the Upper East Side is the best?

Are you looking for the best bars in Upper East Side New York? Then check out my best list here! Because I’ll show you the hottest speakeasy bars, rooftop bars, pubs, wine bars and small places where New Yorkers hang out. The selection of bars on the Upper East Side is large – so there is guaranteed to be the right place for you!

To help you quickly and easily see which spot is near you, find all the bars on the Upper East Side in New York on an interactive map.

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My Favorite Bars on the Upper East Side

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    Bar Felice

    Bar in Upper East Side
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    Bar Felice is a luxurious and elegant choice for watching the Super Bowl in New York City. Located on the Upper East Side, this high-end bar is perfect for fancy football fans looking for a decadent experience. The menu includes delicious sliders and a variety of wines, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the game.

    To ensure a good seat with good views of the TVs, it’s a good idea to call ahead and reserve a spot for game-watching. While Bar Felice is not a traditional sports bar, it’s still a great suggestion for those looking for a more refined atmosphere to watch the Super Bowl in NYC.

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    Bemelman’s Bar

    Bar in Upper East Side
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    Bemelman’s Bar is our favourite spot on the Upper East Side and already several times after a visit to Central Park our first stop to let our legs rest for a while. If you can also enjoy a delicious drink in a wonderful atmosphere, it hardly gets better. Oh yes: with the Hammer-Burger that is available here!

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    Cantor Rooftop at The Met

    Rooftop Bar in Upper East Side
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    The Cantor Rooftop Garden Bar is not only a great spot to round off a visit to the world-famous The Metropolitan Museum of Art – “The Met” for short. From April to October you can enjoy art, coffee, light snacks, cocktails and a clear view over Central Park, Midtown and the Upper East Side. The relaxed and informal atmosphere is especially pleasant here – also a nice & quiet place for families with children.

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    Earl’s Beer and Cheese

    Bar in Upper East Side
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    Earl’s Beer and Cheese has good craft beers, interesting beer-cheese spread and delicious grilled sandwiches. The current dishes are written on a blackboard and will please even the small purse.

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    Joe & The Juice

    Bar in Upper East Side
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    If you want to charge your batteries with fresh juices for a short time, we recommend “Joe & The Juice”. There are different areas to sit and the juices are really awesome!

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    Pony Bar

    Bar in Upper East Side
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    One of our favourite bars on the Upper East Side: there is a huge selection of craft beers that is unrivalled in the city!

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    Ryan’s Daughter

    Bar in Upper East Side
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    The bar is a typical Irish pub with fantastic service. Be sure to try the freshly tapped Guinness – potato chips are free! 

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    The Auction House

    Bar in Upper East Side
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    As much as Halloween is a time for getting spooky and getting scared, it’s also a time for letting our imaginations run wild.

    For a more romantic, old-fashioned Halloween, the Auction House features red velvet drapes, a mahogany bar, eye-catching paintings, and an impressive fireplace. Fitting for their speakeasy theme, they also offer a number of great cocktails and affordable well drinks.

    For a romantic Halloween date night, check out Auction House on the Upper East Side.

The Best Bars on the Upper East Side on the map

A map with all bars on the Upper East Side can be found here – just click on “FULL MAP” if you want to see more. You can click on each restaurant on the map to find out everything you need to know.

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