The 18 Best Art Galleries in SoHo NYC

Looking for the best art galleries in Soho New York? Then you’ve come to the right place! I have listed the most popular and beautiful art galleries in Soho NYC for you. Among them are well-known galleries like the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery but also small up-and-coming and very worth-seeing art galleries like the June Kelly Gallery.

They are part of our series on the best art galleries in NYC. Be sure to also check out our tips on art galleries in the Chelsea Gallery District and art galleries in the Lower East Side!

18 Amazing Art Galleries in SoHo NYC

By now, most people know that New York City’s gallery scene extends from Chelsea through the Lower East Side, all the way to the Upper East Side. However, many don’t realize that there are also many galleries in the beautiful district of Soho. This neighborhood was once the epicenter of NYC art galleries, that is, until the 1990s when many artists began obtaining spaces in other areas across the city. So, today we’ll discuss the best art galleries in Soho and everything you need to know about them. 

  1. Georges Berges Gallery NYC

    01 Eden Gallery SoHo

    The Eden Gallery is an international contemporary art gallery with locations in NYC, Miami, Mykonos, London, and, soon, in Dubai. It was founded by Cathia Kimovsky in 1997 and has since grown into a worldwide network of high-end galleries that represent a multitude of international artists, each of whom has its own unique and modern approach to art. The artists from Eden Gallery collectively promote and represent contemporary optimism and colorful views of life. 

    In each of Eden’s gallery spaces worldwide, it’s evident that they operate at the forefront of vibrant, modern culture with a spirit of commitment to the community among their curators, supporters, and artists. At this gallery, you’ll find pieces of art that are held to the highest standards and events, experiences, and exhibitions that are not only unforgettable but will leave you transformed and inspired. 

  2. Arcadia Contemporary Soho Best Art Galleries NYC

    02 Arcadia Contemporary

    Arcadia Contemporary Gallery was founded in 2001 and had its first location in Soho New York. It has had its current name since 2014, originally it was called Arcadia Fine Arts. After moving to Pasadena/California from 2016 to 2021, it has been back in Soho since 2021. This time in the Soho Art District on West Broadway. 

  3. Best_Art_Gallery_Soho_NYC_211216102143006

    03 Brooke Alexander Gallery

    The Brooke Alexander Gallery was founded in Soho in 1968 by Carolyn and Brooke Alexander in an East 68th Street storefront. Though it’s now located on Wooster Street, it still proudly serves as a member of The Art Dealers Association of America today.

    This art gallery began publishing prints and multiples for artists in 1968 and since then has published over 1,500 works. The Alexanders relocated the gallery a couple of times throughout the years, having moved from 68th Street to 57th Street in 1975, and then from 57th to Wooster Street in 1985. 

    At some point in the early ‘90s, Brooke Alexander and his wife split up, and he became the sole director/owner of the gallery. His wife, Carolyn Alexander, went on to join the gallery’s former director, Ted Bonin, to create the Alexander and Bonin Gallery in 1995. Yet still, the Brooke Alexander Gallery has become known for its influence on New York’s late-20th century art scene. In fact, these efforts were recognized in 1995 as the gallery was honored at the Smithsonian Institution. 

  4. Galerie_170423115755027

    04 Fridman Gallery

    The FRIDMAN GALLERY was officially opened in November 2013. The first exhibitions consisted of a series of collaborations with prominent curators and performances. Various lectures and events will also take place here.

  5. Eden Gallery in SoHo NYC

    05 Georges Berges Gallery

    The Georges Berges Gallery can be found in the heart of Soho, where you’ll find a splendid mixture of consequential living artists from around the globe. The man, Georges Berges, has always had a way of looking at art with a worldly yet human view, and he used this to create his namesake gallery on Broadway. His vision was to use the gallery to bridge the gap between emerging international collectors and artists, which has been pushed forward recently after a second gallery was opened in Berlin. 

    Yet, while he believes in representing emerging markets and the artists within them, he also knows how important it is to maintain a significant relationship with the artist and the art. At the Georges Berges Gallery, collectors can acquire original works from upcoming and established artists that have been shown and vetted by prestigious institutions, museums, and private collections around the world. 

  6. Gallery

    06 Hugo Fine Arts Galerie SoHo

    HUGO GALERIE in SoHo specializes in contemporary figurative painting and sculpture, emphasizing the relevance of traditional artistic methods to the present. Its international artists work with a variety of materials, including oil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and bronze, and represent styles such as realism, magical realism, impressionism, and surrealism.

  7. Deitch_Gallery_Soho_NYC_211221162851008

    07 Jeffrey Deitch

    Anyone who’s a fan of New York City’s contemporary art scene knows the name, Jeffrey Deitch. He’s an esteemed curator and art dealer who’s best known for his gallery that operated from 1996 until 2010 called Deitch Projects, where he curated projects such as Post Human and Lives. After shuttering his art gallery, Deitch moved to Los Angeles, where he served as the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) director until 2013. 

  8. Best_Art_Gallery_Soho_NYC_211216102143003-1

    08 June Kelly Gallery

    The June Kelly Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded in 1987 within NYC’s historic Soho district. This gallery specializes in contemporary sculptures, paintings, photography, and drawings while representing works from a diverse group of established, mid-career, and emerging artists, many of whom have already achieved international acclaim and recognition. 

    In the past, exhibitions displayed by the June Kelly Gallery have received numerous art world publication reviews from companies such as The New York Times, Art in America, and Sculpture Magazine. Such publications have not only profiled represented artists but have also featured the gallery on the cover. 

  9. Best_Art_Gallery_Soho_NYC_211216102143001

    09 LIK Fine Art Soho

    LIK Fine Art in Soho is an award-winning fine art photography studio that began in 2008 and is owned by master photographer Peter Lik. This gallery stands out because it’s a true survivor of NYC’s fierce art scene. In fact, it’s one of few notable galleries that remain in New York’s trendy and hip downtown Soho neighborhood. Since its inception, Peter Lik’s art gallery has become a fixture situated among the area’s top restaurants, premier shopping venues, and popular bars. 

    Upon entering LIK Fine Art in Soho, you’ll be met with a clean interior that features gray and white walls, which are perfect for helping viewers engage with all of the magical landscape images that grace them. You’ll find that the studio proudly emphasizes themes that surround famous NYC icons, including the genuinely awe-inspiring ‘Empire.’ 

  10. LUMAS Art Gallery in SoHo NYC

    10 LUMAS Gallery SoHo

    LUMAS is a contemporary art and photography gallery that features work from artists around the globe. Many guests enjoy LUMAS because they feature works from upcoming and established artists, so they feature a diverse collection of art, which is evident the moment you step through the door or visit their website. 

    Unlike some galleries, LUMAS aims to price and position their works in ways that are more accessible to collectors just starting out and definitely lean toward a style that can be described as a modern aesthetic. When visiting LUMAS’ Soho location, each work is meticulously displayed using acrylic mounts and museum-quality paper for printing, so even without a frame, they still look great in many environments. 

  11. Martin Lawrence Galleries in SoHo NYC

    11 Martin Lawrence Galleries Soho

    Soho’s most prominent contemporary art collection is located at Martin Lawrence Galleries on Broadway. Here you’ll discover an exceptional collection that comprises cutting-edge exhibits and the world’s most extensive Andy Warhol collection. This gallery sets itself apart from other Soho art galleries in that they house many original works by iconic artists such as Keith Haring, Rembrandt, Chagall, Picasso, Takashi Murakami, Sam Francis, and many others. 

    And what’s even better is that Martin Lawrence Galleries is located in a magnificent two-story building right in the heart of New York’s best shopping and fine dining district – Soho! This is one art gallery that provides unparalleled art buying experiences for collectors of all ages. 

  12. Best_Art_Gallery_Soho_NYC_211216102143004-2

    12 NowHere

    As you know, New York City is a melting pot with residents from all around the globe, and this includes a significant population of people from Japan. NowHere Gallery was created to serve as a multipurpose hub for emerging Japanese artists who are trying to get their start in New York City’s art scene. The sole focus of this gallery is to help artists who relocate from Japan to NYC, whether permanently or just for a visit. They help them navigate the culture shock associated with such a move while also displaying their works of art in hopes of getting the artists’ names out to collectors and art connoisseurs. 

    Since its inception in 2019, NowHere has grown to become a home for emerging Japanese artists who create everything from culinary and digital arts to fashion, photography, and anything else you can imagine that relates to the arts. 

  13. Gallery

    13 Park West Gallery New York SoHo

    The Park West Gallery in SoHo offers an innovative art exhibition on two floors and over 4,000 square feet. Here you will find historical masterpieces that you would normally expect to find in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as modern art by the hottest artists.

  14. 240426080953001__Richard_Beavers_Gallery__Credit_to_Daniel_Greer

    14 Richard Beavers Gallery in SoHo

    The Richard Beavers Gallery in SoHo is a major platform for emerging and established African-American artists. With a focus on diversity and innovation, it presents compelling contemporary art that stimulates critical dialogues about identity and society. As a cultural asset in SoHo, it is a must-see for art lovers and culture enthusiasts.

  15. Ronald Feldman Gallery in SoHo NYC

    15 Ronald Feldman Gallery

    The Ronald Feldman Gallery is a pioneer in the world of contemporary art. The gallery has called the lush Soho district home since 1971, where it still exhibits drawings, media, paintings, sculptures, film, and new media. It was initially known as Ronald Feldman Fine Arts and was first opened in November of 1971 on East 74th Street by Frayda and Ronald Feldman. However, soon after, they began operating exhibition spaces both downtown and uptown. They would continue to do so until after the season of 1982, at which point they decided to consolidate to their current location on Mercer Street. 

    The name was changed to Ronald Feldman Gallery in 2017 and has remained at the forefront of NYC’s contemporary art scene even in the face of a pandemic. Though the times have changed, the gallery has continued to work with team members, clients, and artists remotely. Another change has been the way guests are able to view Feldman’s art. At this time, the gallery is closed to in-person visits, but they feature many virtual exhibits with information available via social media and their website. 

  16. June Kelly Gallery in SoHo NYC

    16 Russeck Gallery

    The Russeck Art Gallery is located on West Broadway in Soho and is owned by Howard Russeck. He is a curator specializing in significant works on paper, paintings, and sculptures created by many 20th-century artists. However, he’s also interested in sculptures and paintings from the late 19th and early 20th century American West. 

    Russeck opened a second location in Palm Beach, Florida, on Worth Avenue in 1995 and has made it the company’s objective to provide only works that are highly aesthetic while maintaining the utmost discretion for private collections and institutions around the world. 

  17. 190509162950014_Best_Art_Galleries_Soho_NYC-2

    17 Sonnabend Gallery

    The Sonnabend Gallery is an acclaimed art gallery located in Soho that’s known for showcasing contemporary American and European artists from the ‘60s and ‘70s. It first opened in Paris in 1962 and was influential in helping make 1960s American art famous in Europe, with a focus on American Pop Art. Sonnabend Gallery opened its first location in New York City in 1970 on Madison Avenue, but the following year relocated to West Broadway in Soho, where it became a primary protagonist that helped Soho become an epicenter in the international art world. 

    Yet not only did Sonnabend Gallery work to make American art famous in Europe, but it also worked the other way as well, as they were instrumental in making 1970s European art famous in the United States. Their focus for ‘70s European art was on Arte Povera and types of conceptual art. The gallery also presented American minimalist and abstract art of the 1970s, and then in 1986 introduced the so-called show called “Neo-Geo,” which introduced the world to artist Jeff Koons, among others. 

  18. Best_Art_Gallery_NYC_211216102143003

    18 The Drawing Center

    The Drawing Center is a museum and an art gallery in Soho that focuses on historical and contemporary drawing and is one of the best things to do in SoHo since its opening in 1977.

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