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If you want the ultimate party experience in New York, make sure you check out Bagatelle in the Meatpacking District. Calling Bagatelle NYC simply a restaurant is an understatement. It is famous for its champagne-heavy “boozy brunch” that turns into a wild party. This French-Mediterranean hotspot also has locations in Dubai, Sao Paulo, Rio, St. Barth, Miami, Punta del Este, St. Tropez, and Monte Carlo.

UPDATE: The Bagatelle NYC is closed!

About Bagatelle NYC 

The two founders of Bagatelle NYC wanted to create a trendy restaurant that would also be known for its great food. What’s special about the restaurant is that not only you get really good food, but also an authentic experience. The experience in a way is like a trip to the South of France, a visit to a high–class restaurant combined with a nightclub. The glittering chandeliers, countless champagne bottles, and amazing music transform this restaurant into a dance floor. On the leather sofas sit well-dressed guests, while they indulge in fancy cocktails and delicious food. Their menu offers many delicacies such as grilled lobster, truffle-chicken with roasted rosemary-garlic, ceviche, and calamari.

Bagatelle Brunch Party Experience

So what is it like at Bagatelle in NYC? Let us share our first-hand experience with you. We went for brunch on a Saturday, which starts around 2:30 pm.

The Atmosphere at Bagatelle NYC

Bagatelle was already crowded when we entered. Upbeat music was playing and everyone was in a good mood. We had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated, even though we arrived on time.

Shortly after we sat down, we ordered several items off the menu. The food arrived very quickly and during our brunch, the party already started. Every now and then lights would go out and servers would come out with sparklers and everyone celebrated. Side note: You can order a sparkler for $1,000, not including the bottle! Despite the price, it happened every few minutes. It was a highlight every time, as they come up with new crazy ideas to deliver it to the respective table.

Right after we finished our food, the blinds completely closed and everything turned REALLY WILD pretty quickly. Everyone gets onto their chairs and dances. The chairs are not super stable, so definitely be careful, especially if you’re wearing heels. There are dancers and all sorts of entertainers. It never got boring. Because you will be entertained non-stop, however, time seems to fly by!


The food was surprisingly delicious and the service was extremely fast. I expected okay food, but what we received was top-notch, so I was all the more surprised when I found myself really enjoying what we ordered. We were a party of 6 and ordered a couple of items off the menu to share. That included chicken and waffles, pancakes, burgers, eggs, and truffle fries. My favorite was the chicken and waffles! You can see Bagatelle’s current menu here as a reference.


Bagatelle NYC is not a budget tip. It’s a luxury experience that will cost you a lot of money. You probably won’t leave without spending at least $100. For the six of us, we almost spent $1,000. That included a glass of champagne each, food and two large pitchers. While this is already quite expensive it is still on the lower end compared to what other tables were paying. The cheapest price for a menu item was around $20.

You should also know that there is a minimum charge for groups of 7 or larger, so if you don’t want to spend even more money, try to stay below 7.

Is Bagatelle NYC worth the money?

I probably wouldn’t have decided to go to Bagatelle myself, but I’m very happy I did. It was a lot of fun and though it is expensive, the experience can be worth it. We had a blast and our day at Bagatelle is definitely one to remember. I would recommend Bagatelle NYC if you celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday or bachelorette party, or if you like to party and are visiting New York.

Because it’s so popular, be sure to make reservations in advance if you want a table (which I recommend).

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About the author

Being a photographer and creative in general, New York City, I think is the perfect place to be. I moved to NYC from Boston in 2013 and never looked back. Loving New York has given me the opportunity to do what I love and share those images with you all.

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Shirley Pierre

want to plan to have my birthday here


Hi! I would love to throw my sister’s birthday dinner here in December, could you send me the promoter’s info please!!


Hi! looking to throw a dinner party here in December, could you please send me the promoter’s info. Thanks!


Hi, I’m trying to plan my sister’s birthday at bagatelle, is there a way for me to get in contact with a promoter for it?

Thanks in advance!


I’d love to go there this Saturday! Can I contact your promoter?


I would like to have my birthday there, could you please put me in touch with a promoter? Thanks!

Josephine Ditta

I have friends here from Amsterdam this week and wanted to bring to Bagatelle to celebrate my birthday. Any chance we can get in touch with the promoter?


Hey! I’m planning On visiting nyc this weekend, Friday and Saturday, is there anyway I can get connected with someone or the promoter for Friday?


Hey how can I reach a promoter?

Mary marshall

I want to ask my boyfriend to marry me there on this Valentine’s Day!! I’m a woman and its not what we usually do but it’s leap year!! And I’m me so!! But can you help me get in touch with the promoter ? I already made reservations

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